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CLAT English Tips: Introduction to Grammar

CLAT English: Introduction to Grammar

Grammar is a precise study of scientific method providing essential information and guidance to learn a language. No one can claim to be a proficient in any language unless he has mastered the rules of grammar of that language.

Grammar also makes one acquainted with the sentence structure and patterns, it also teaches how words are formed and it defines various parts of speech, thereby providing adequate information as to when and where these parts of speech are used in written English.

Thus, Grammar is very essential for communication and correspondence and its importance is indubitably unprecedented.

CLAT English

CLAT English: English language is not difficult to master if you understand the basics of grammar precisely. More imperatively, sentence correction and sentence completion form an essential part of CLAT exam. And to master topics like sentence correction and sentence completion we should be familiar with the nuances of grammar usage so that we can identify the error.

Having realized the significance of English grammar we have designed our book to enhance your knowledge of functional grammar through practice tasks. This book meets with all these requirements of learning language. It is more concept based, exam – oriented and reader friendly.

The subject matter of this book is comprehensive, rigorous and yet very simple. The salient features of this book are that it covers all the pertinent grammar topics which are asked in CLAT examination and at the end of each chapter a set of practice papers are given.

All these try to test the aspirants’ grasp of English grammar. The book is an attempt to compile and illustrate the fundamental rules, grammar and usage with lucid and easy to understand approach.

Each rule is followed by necessary explanations. Explanations are as far as possible, in simple, everyday language. Examples of correct usage and wherever necessary, examples of typical mistakes are given. The examples worked out as illustrations have been carefully chosen and judiciously graded.

The purpose of the present book is exclusively meant to help students deal with the English section in the CLAT with confidence. It aims to familiarize the student with the wide range of questions usually asked in the entrance tests of most Law Schools and accelerate your learning process.

Our comprehensive study material for CLAT includes 5 books of English.

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