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CLAT English Vocabulary # 2: Homonyms

Q. What are Homonyms?

Ans. Words which sounds or spell similar are known as Homonyms.

1. (a) Allude: To make indirect reference.

Eg. Mrs. Simons alluded to some health problems, without being specific.

(b) Elude: To avoid or escape (someone or something) / To be difficult to remember

Eg. (i)The killer was able to elude the police. (ii) I remember his face but his name eludes me.

2. (a) Censor:To remove the parts of the books, movies etc, which are considered to be offensive, immoral, harmful to the society.

Eg. The station censored her speech before broadcasting it.

(b) Censure: Official strong criticism

Eg. He was censured by the committee for his failure to report the problem.

3. (a) Confident: Showing that you have confidence.

Eg. He is confident about passing the exam.

(b) Confidant: One to whom secrets are entrusted.

Eg. She is my confidant, I tell her everything.

4. (a) Discreet: Being cautious or careful in doing or saying something.

Eg. He must be discreet and say nothing about our agreement.

(b) Discrete: Separate and different from each other.

Eg. Even though they were married, they kept their money in two discrete accounts.

5. (a) Dual: Having 2 parts/ Double

Eg. She pursued dual careers in music and acting.

(b) Duel: A fight between two people that includes the use of weapons.

Eg. He accepted the challenge to duel.

6. (a) Elusive: Hard to find, capture or remember

Eg. The police are finding it difficult to catch the elusive bank robber.

(b) Illusive: Deceptive / Lacking reality / Unreal

Eg. The magician's hologram was quite illusive.

7. (a) Cease: To stop/ End

Eg. The patient’s heart ceased to beat.

(b) Seize: Snatch/ Grasp

Eg. The invaders seized the gold of the prisoners.

8. (a) Accede: Agree

Eg. The government was forced to accede to the demands of the opposition.

(b) Exceed: Go beyond

Eg. His performance exceeded my expectations.

9. (a) Exalt: To raise someone or something to a higher level/ To glorify or elevate something

Eg. His behavior has exalted the power and prestige of his office.

(b) Exult: To feel or show great happiness

Eg. You must exult over your victories and move forward through your defeats.

10. (a) Loath: Unwilling to do something

Eg. She was loath to admit her mistakes.

(b) Loathe: To hate someone or something very much

Eg. From an early age the brothers have loathed each other.

11. (a) Veracious: Truthful / Honest

Eg. The politician’s statement was proven to be veracious by all who examined it.

(b) Voracious: Having a huge appetite/ Excessively eager

Eg. (i) He has a voracious appetite. (ii) He is a voracious reader of historical novels.

12. (a) Abhorrent: Causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred

Eg. Jack’s abhorrent behavior caused him to get kicked out of the restaurant.

(b) Aberrant: Different from the usual or natural type / unusual or abnormal

Eg. The aberrant growth of body cells is often a symptom of cancer.

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