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CLAT Reasoning Tips: Blood Relation Test

CLAT Reasoning Tips: Blood Relation Test

Blood Relation Test

Problems on Blood Relations involve analysis of information showing blood relationship among members of a family. In the questions, a chain of relationship is given in the form of information and on the basis of these information relation between any two members of the chain is asked from the candidate.

Candidates are supposed to be familiar with the knowledge of different relationship in a family. Some examples to illustrate the pattern of such questions are given below:

For the easy understanding of candidates a table containing few main relations is given here under. The study of the table will prove to be very useful for the students in solving questions on blood relations.

1. Grandfather’s Son: Father or Uncle

2. Grandfather’s only son: Father

3. Grandmother’s only son: Father

4. Mother’s or Father’s mother: Grandmother

5. Mother’s or Father’s father: Grandfather

6. Grandfather’s only daughter-in-law: Mother

7. Grandmother’s only daughter-in-law: Mother

8. Mother’s or Father’s son: Brother

9. Mother’s or Father’s daughter: Sister

10. Mother’s or Father’s brother: Uncle

11. Mother’s or Father’s sister: Aunt

12. Husband’s or wife’s sister: Sister-in-law

13. Husband’s or wife’s brother: Brother-in-law

14. Son’s wife: Daughter-in-law

15. Daughter’s husband: Son-in-law

16. Brother’s son: Nephew

17. Brother’s daughter: Niece

18. Uncle or Aunt’s son or daughter : Cousin

19. Sister’s husband: Brother-in-law

20. Brother’s wife: Sister-in-law

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