Louis Levinson – “Only painters & Lawyers can change white to black.”

Thomas Buergental – “The study of law is the search for justice, for the equitable resolution of conflict, for tolerance. The search for justice is not easy. That’s why the study of law cannot and should not be easy ; that is why we ask more question than we know the answer to.”

Robert H. Jackson – “Liberty is not the mere absence of restraint, it is not spontaneous product of majority rule, it is not achieved merely by lifting under privileged classes to power, nor is it the inevitable by product of technological expansion. It is achieved only by rule of law.”

Justice V.R. Krishan Iyer - “Law today, as a lucrative rofession, and glorious career, fills the bill of an ambition talent. The bar beckom to the bright youth because the potentional for infinite ascent is move in sound layering than in any other vocation And above all, the prospect of elevation to the bench akes law a career beyond compare.”

Arun Jaitily - “The ambit of Law practice has expanded tenfold and specialization has become the need of the hour”

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