Why Law

Why Law?

Five year law course was brought in to change the preconceived set image of law in lay mans’ eyes. It was the zeal to improve the image of legal field. The aspiration to standardize the legal education to the world class status. The burning desire to expand the horizons of Indian Legal Industry and the job opportunities offered by it. All these things were the raison d’être that today we have world class law teaching institutes like NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS et al.

Why Law

The aspirations and desires are visibly making the change in today’s legal industry, the remarkable change is notable and candidly to be a pass out from such esteemed National Law University definitely leads to the presumption for the person to be a well trained lawyer with loads of required qualities.

The emergence of the five year law course has revolutionized the whole viewpoint regarding law as a career and a means to earn livelihood. Today with the hybrid crop of the top law institutions like NLSIU, Bangalore; NUJS, Calcutta; NALSAR, Hyderabad; NLU, Jodhpur; GNLU, Ghandhinagar and NLIU, Bhopal are considered for recruitment in business world as well as internationally renowned organizations.

These institutes are meant to make you excel and invincible for your career goal in different legal field. They just don’t prepare you but also opens the gateways to successful paths which at times are walked through and at times makes you to pioneer the paths vaulted.

There is great emphasis on reasoning everything you come across and thus it makes you capable of challenging every settled system which has become hypocrite. Law schools just not trains you to challenge but also prepare you to solve the problems and create a new field, come up with your own radical solutions and ideas to change what you desire to.

They train you to intelligently utilize the power tool ‘LAW’ to dare and transform anything and everything you need to while you endeavor to touch skies and get your goal of social change, economic change or for that matter modifying political culture followed.

Why Law

The rigorous and meticulous study pattern with lot of emphasis on research, discipline and proper practice of laws results in placing the qualities to lead in the five year trained lawyer. The five year law course just not trains you for legal field but it trains you to excel the field whichever you may choose to go in. The proper learning and teaching ambience in these institutes prepares you for the strictly followed schedule they offer.

Earlier a lawyer could be a criminal lawyer or a civil one but now there are different fields which are in themselves very much bestowing.

Fields like Corporate law, mediations, International law; Intellectual Property Rights, Environmental law etc. offer a career in themselves. There is a big gap of specialized people in these fields that is resulting in high demand of well-groomed law graduates and getting higher with the growing of application of law in different fields.

This gap is highly in demand to be bridged by the outcoming batches of NLUites as they are meeting the international standards of recruiters. These institutes have student exchange programs with internationally renowned foreign institutes which show the growing magnitude of the five year law course.

  • Indian Law Firms Rs. 8 Lac p.a. – 20 Lac p.a.
  • Foreign Law Firms Rs. 26 Lac p.a. – 56 Lac p.a.
  • Indian Companies Rs. 6 Lac p.a. – Rs. 12 Lac p.a.
  • Indian LPOs Rs. 4 Lac – Rs. 8 Lac p.a.

Job Assurance in Law schools is highly satisfactory because law school graduates are not only welcomed in legal field but are sought after in every possible field as law is involved everywhere.

The law schools have perfect placement statics with top law firms coming to them, like Amarchand Mangaldas, Luthra and Luthra, AZB and Partners and list is endless. Along with these, the Global law firms such as Herbert Smith, Clifford Chance, Norton Rose Llp. and Simmons and Simmons Llp also also approaches these law schools for campus placements.

Law schools placements also include name of many MNCs, Corporate Houses, Management Consultancies, Real Estate Ventures, PSUs, Banks, SEBI, Pharmaceutical Giants etc. This list includes the names of many UN agencies, International Organization and NGOs.

Latest Placement Statistics from some of the top law schools

Institute Name Average Salary (Indian)

  • NLSIU, BangloreINR 8-22 Lacs p.a.
  • NALSAR, HyderabadINR 8-16 Lacs p.a.
  • WBNUJS, KolkataINR 8-16 Lacs p.a.

Corporate Law (Company)

Corporate Law (Company)

With start of liberation boom in industrial sector indeed came up, the demand of company lawyers but then actually what used to happen was that the in-house lawyer were used to do a job of clerk as in transferring files from company to clients; company to other hired lawyer and thus there wasn’t much scope for a company lawyer to do. But now with globalisation, there has been vast exchange of professional culture and various other norms. Also the work or say significance of corporate law has multiplied thousands times due to manifold rise in corporate structure. Now there is a huge demand of corporate lawyers to get thorough with the law and carry there function, so in that case huge companies and those who are getting bigger are just not hiring a lawyer for in-house work but there are proper legal cells created for properly dealing with all the laws company is coming across in the process of business. Insurance sector is one which is supposed to be offering more jobs in the area of corporate law. Also the Indian economy is more kind of becoming liberal so there are more and more lawyers need to check, create and workout various policies. No scruple, these lawyers are indeed paid well for keeping company following the laws and competition. The best part of this career is in very starting one gets very good package of high salary and perks. This is one of the reasons why most of the five year law graduates are giving priority to this career option.

There is no part of business left that is out of reach of lawyer infact with growing economy, corporate law offers a very wealthy and successful career. Being corporate lawyer serves you good salary packages with many perks and allowances.
Many Companies and banks are seeking five year law graduates, as it is evident from the campus placements from these Universities where ICICI Bank, ITC, IBM, Infosys, Satyam, Wipro, Dr. Reddy’s, Biocon, Pricewaterhouse etc. are usually there for campus recruitment. You may end up being an active performer in the Company with prestigious post. Also any further degree of management would mete out further increase in salary and your demand. Job satisfaction and no stress with adequate reward is what a company legal advisor’s job offers.



Gone are the times when one could think of law as a career only in the case where one has an established patronage of law. No doubt to practice law is indeed very challenging and patience job but it is not veiled to anyone that the hard work put in is well paid and most of the time it is auspiciously compensated.

Traditionally it is what a law graduate is supposed to do. Then again traditionally one could be a civil or a criminal law practitioner. Now the panorama has changed and there is lot more in litigation than just civil and criminal law. There is separate mass of practicing lawyers which is remarkably big and earning big too in the fields of labour laws, IPRs, commercial laws, environment laws, taxation laws, international laws.etc.

Today the more broad minded courts are looking foreword to true talent which is worthwhile. To be more reasonable it is the intelligence and perfection society is seeking. So in that case you have the known “Renowned Name” or not what matters is your skill.
Also today even Law Firms (which is another lucrative place for lawyers; see below) go for litigation lawyers who are well established and respected in their respective courts. Infact most of the times in-house lawyer is only for the soliciting and it is the independent lawyer who play the real game and make big bucks. All you need is to be doing constant hard work which is again is a must to be successful in any other field.

In litigation you start your career as assistance to a senior lawyer and most of the times the NLU students get to be placed under successful senior lawyer and after a while from there you can start your own independent practice. As assistance you may not start with the financial reward which you think you deserve to get but that’s the game with every profession of practice you have to first serve and prove yourself then you start earning and getting the rewards of your talent. Most of the successful lawyers are litigators and many of them charge thousands for appearing in one case. Also, this success can lend you in some other very interesting and important fields of social importance including politics as it goes without saying that in this field success comes with fame.

Litigation as a career, you may start with Zero but then there is no stopping ….to be specific sky is the limit.

Law Firm

Law Firm

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.”
~Ann Landers
Law firms believe in this saying so they exploit as much of your talent which is practically possible and makes you work hard and fast. It is the chunk of that white matter in your head and the determination to skill in whatever task you do is what pays and helps you to get through and survive in the tough, stressful but very lucrative career in a law firm. Tough time schedule, more hard work and smart work is what law firms’ demand. The job in law firm requires more of fast and efficient job. Deadlines and hundred and ten percent accuracy is what you got to meet when it comes to law firms. Pay scale is much higher as the skill required is also higher. Even the starting salaries go up to lakhs per annum. This is the main reason why people are ready to take up the jobs in law firms. Also with the growing demand and competitions there are new players coming in the market of law firms which is also a reason for incredible salary offered by the law firms. Infact you can end up being a partner if you constantly polish the cranium you got which would mean sharing of profit with other partner or you could be an associate partner getting mind-boggling payment. The raise in salaries is constant but than competition too is very sturdy. Thus the job in a law firm comes with loads of stress. Also the corporate culture is what is considered to be ‘in thing’ by young law graduates making it a prioritized career.

Law firms have different departments covering most of the legal fields also the job in law firm is not limited to a legal field but at times various vibrant laws are to be scrutinize together if the case demands. Also there are various law firms specifically in litigation sector or non litigation or soliciting but in all case, one in a law firm got to be ready for all kinds of challenging job related to law.

In case of litigation law firm one can fulfill the desire of litigation as many a time you would come across leading lawyers etc. In law firms the material preparation for a suit is done by a separate department, which then briefs the counsel about the case, who in turn appear in the court on behalf of the clients.

In case of corporate law firms they advise companies with regards to their business and their clientele includes national and multinational companies interested in Indian economy.
At times the firms have different partners covering different legal departments so then who got to be jack of all trades and master of few at least. For law firm job the phrase ‘enough work’ is nonexistent as they pay a lot and thus demand as much as you can provide for.
These law firms are obvious recruiters of the NLU campus placements. Many national and international law firms like AZB, Amarchand & Mangaldas, Mulla and Mulla , Fox nd Mandal etc. are regular visitors of NLU campuses for placements.



It is the new sensation in legal world. Outsourcing of services not necessarily means put headphones and do the talking ………..friends it’s the upcoming market which beyond doubt is going to absorb most of the law graduates in coming years. There are loads of job opportunities in this field. All the countries who share with India the basic common law history are from where the work comes. So in that case stop imagining how after studying law I will provide my intellectual legal service to an American client or for that matter UK. It’s the economical and useful labour that India provides is giving rise to these services and again glowing payment is a promise which comes along with LPO service.

LPOs basically provide their services to the legal firms or other legal identity which then serves their client in offshore countries. So here the LPOs’ don’t have a direct link to the client for which it is serving but it is the foreign legal service providers who seek assistance from these LPOs. LPO can be considered as virtual oversees partners. These LPOs provide high-end & specialized legal support and research services to foreign clients and are considered to be cost effective by the foreign legal industries. Increasingly these LPOs are offering worthwhile jobs with worthwhile salary. There are various LPOs like LPO India, Prism Legal Consultancy, Pangea3, SDD Litigation etc. who prefer five year law graduate for recruitment in their industry.

Work in a LPO is like law firms, it demands research skill and immediate solution with deadlines. More professional culture and discipline is appreciated as the services are offered to foreign countries. Although the stress level is definitely less than what is there in law firm still rewards are high.

Non Government Organization (Social Cause)

Non Government Organization (Social Cause)

Those of you who want to bring a visible and remarkable change in the society then joining or opening an NGO would be the excellent and accurate platform to do that. There is no other way you can make your dream come true of being a part of the social cause. It goes without saying that the job satisfaction is most important for those people who opt for this field and it is undoubtedly attended in this calling. Further the students can actively take part in this field during graduation also. Conducting researches and projects with focusing on the problems with current legal system as well as suggesting solutions are very well appreciated by government as well as other institution working in this field. These projects and research conducted conclusively helps later in recruitments as they show the hard work and research skill which a student is capable of. Also this is a field where international organizations are also interested in looking at the research material of the students, which results in such organizations recruiting these people. Issues relating to environment, economic development, poverty, literacy and many other such issues are focused upon by various institutions which a law graduate can join; in addition five year law graduates are very much desired and needed in this field as there are various course in the five year law graduation which are specifically focused on these areas for example law and poverty, environmental law etc.

Moreover this field offers knowing more and more of people and there actual problems and solving them. There is a kind of peace to soul which a person working in this vocation gets as there is certainty that you are changing life of people in positive way. It’s truly a calling worth enjoying. At times one may feel there isn’t much to earn but the fact is hard work never goes unpaid. In cases of well established NGO’s or international organization this spirit to change the society positively is paid highly. There is lot of traveling and exposure in this field. Beside that in any case although there is no mind-boggling income but a satisfactory income for the people going for this profession is there besides that much is compensated by the job satisfaction and the gladness offered by it which is unquestionably is not there in other career option of law. It is the best way to use the law studied so elaborately in five years. Further this is field which notably brings fame for a good cause. Although if one wants to earn enough as well as be a part of social change he/she can always work for a cause along with working in a firm or company.

Judicial Services

Judicial Services

This could be another lucrative field which offers job security, satisfaction, prestige, power and income with loads of perks and work. To be a part of law making regime demands lot of intellectual reasoning plus patience. Our legal system is kind of deficit in the no. of judges it has vis a vis number of cases coming up in front of it. Infact there are so many vacancies in this field which are in need of right persons to take them.
There are two ways to get into the field one is by appearing in the judicial services exams and other is by practicing law. Although the other mode is considered to be more successful and promising as in that case there are more chances of being getting into higher judiciary.

But then the question is why five year law course?

The answer is the rigorous study pattern with focused teaching makes your concepts very clear in relation to legal subjects and thus gives you an edge over the three year LL.B. graduates in case of appearing in judicial service examination.
Moreover because successful litigation platforms are readily available to five year law graduates the chances of getting into mainstream judiciary also increases remarkably. The substantial benefit is that once in judiciary the NLU aluminous definitely would be in better position to appreciate laws and situations due to already obtained training of moot courts and other activities. Thus it would actually serve the purpose for which the idea of five year law was started. The main motto of starting five year law was not only to produce specialized lawyers of international level for coming challenges but was also to improve the standard of the legal system. The Bar Council of India expected that these lawyers with more thorough preparation of law would help in serving judiciary better.



Now if you ask What if I want to change the field…? I mean I don’t want to proceed with law….then what? Or I want to expand my horizons of working area.
Friends, then also it is a fact that is in the process of recognition that after law you can easily go into any other field including company management. Top Law Colleges have recruitment into non legal companies. Further an MBA degree would polish your CV perfect to get you into the main stream business of a Company or any other field for that concern. Although there is some risk involved if you want to opt for business field without having a management degree but then if you can really help your company in making a decision and conducting business in that case you can always respond to your inner desire by opting the business line rather than purely legal line.

It is actually wrongly understood by companies that a law student can only be a lawyer because when one studies law the person develops hem/herself intellectually and have a very good reasoning ability along with researching and leadership qualities which are the basic need for the company management. So in that case indeed a good lawyer would definitely make a good and successful business manager.

Practically, it is better to shift slowly and steadily from lawyer to business executive if one needs to. It would require very smart moves on ones part to do that. Otherwise doing MBA offered by national and international institutes is surely the bridging way to not only make a gateway for one in mainstream company work but would also be considered as brilliant combination. In most of the cases being a five year law graduate would definitely give you an edge over other conventional graduates.

Further the subjects one studies during law are very useful in appearing in civil services examination as the compulsory subjects like administrative law are part of the course curriculum offered by these institutions. At the same time being update on what’s happening in political and economic arena is also must for NLUites.

Thus there is no limitation and boundaries to be bound by the legal career as such but the five year law course is such that it prepares you for every field and be a leader there.

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