Law as a Career:

Five year law course was brought in to change the preconceived set image of law in lay mans’ eyes. It was the zeal to improve the image of legal field. The aspiration to standardize the legal education to the world class status. The burning desire to expand the horizons of Indian Legal Industry and the job opportunities offered by it. All these things were the reason that today we have world class law teaching institutes like NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS etc and students have the opportunity to make a Career in Law.

These institutes are meant to make you excel and invincible for your career goal in different legal field. They just don’t prepare you but also opens the gateways to successful paths which at times are walked through and at times makes you to pioneer the paths vaulted.

There is great emphasis on reasoning everything you come across and thus it makes you capable of challenging every settled system which has become hypocrite. Law schools just not trains you to challenge but also prepare you to solve the problems and create a new field, come up with your own radical solutions and ideas to change what you desire to.

They train you to intelligently utilize the power tool ‘LAW’ to dare and transform anything and everything you need to while you endeavor to touch skies and get your goal of social change, economic change or for that matter modifying political culture followed.

The rigorous and meticulous study pattern with lot of emphasis on research, discipline and proper practice of laws results in placing the qualities to lead in the five year trained lawyer. The five year law course just not trains you for legal field but it trains you to excel the field whichever you may choose to go in. The proper learning and teaching ambience in these institutes prepares you for the strictly followed schedule they offer.

Career in Law:

1. One can work under an Advocate and practice in a Court of Law.

2. Join a Law Firm as an Associate.

3. Join a Company’s Legal Team.

4. Appear for Judicial Services.

There are many other opportunities that one can avail after completing Law.


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