CLAT Preparation in this difficult Pandemic Situation — Law Prep is here for your help

This Pandemic situation is difficult for all of us. Irrespective of who you are and what you do, it is affecting us all in extremes. Law Prep Tutorial sees and identifies the dilemma of CLAT aspirants in this crisis. Hence, we have decided to help the students out of this situation.

This is how:

  • Online Live Coaching Classes

Our tutors have taken their stand on this issue and have supported us in taking our classes Live on the internet. CLAT tutors now teach you in your comfort zone. Our classes are now live and you don’t have to get out of your house to study.

  • Uninterrupted Learning

Our motto is to facilitate unlimited learning for those who want to utilize this pandemic situation in their CLAT preparation. Our live classes are designed and structured for an optimum uninterrupted learning experience.

  • Interactive Classes

Even though you sit alone at your home to watch these classes, you will find that you are not really alone. Our interactive classes are open to questions, queries, doubts, and discussions via chat boxes. In our classes, you will find and interact with fellow CLAT aspirants from all around the world. This might be very comforting for some people.

  • Best Faculty in India

CLAT Faculty at Law Prep Tutorial is recognized as one of the best teaching faculty for CLAT is India. We bring you the lectures from these renowned teachers at the convenience of your study rooms. You can now learn from the best teachers in India without having to leave your home town and spend months in hostels.

  • Affordable Courses

The major benefits of online classes are that it offers an amazing learning experience even after elimination the costs for electricity, rentals, food, water, sanitization, transport, furniture and many more on the coaching center’s end. Hence, we are able to provide these online courses at super affordable prices.

  • Online Mock Test Series

Since everything is online now, we have released our test series online too. You can now attempt CLAT Mock Tests online from your own computers and evaluate your test scores instantly. When you participate in the Live Test Series, you can also challenge yourself for achieving ranks while competing with students all over India.

Our Online CLAT Courses are open to all who want to learn and grow through this pandemic. We have multiple batches going on throughout the day at all times. Our CLAT courses come with various perks for the students. Some of the advantages of taking CLAT Coaching online are:

  • Time Saver

These online classes can save a lot of your time on a daily basis. You don’t have to travel anywhere to attend classes in a physical location. So the time spent in going to the coaching center and coming back home is saved for you. This can mean hours for those who live far from their institutes.

  • Money Saver

As already mentioned, online CLAT Courses are super affordable. It can be a huge advantage for some people who cannot afford expensive coaching fees. Now you don’t have to compromise with mediocre coaching. You don’t have to take study loans or borrow from friends and family. You also don’t have to spend half of your life savings on travel, accommodation, and food expenses while living in another city for attending your coaching classes. 

  • Convenient Learning

Online classes offer a very convenient learning experience, especially for those who have trouble managing their time through the day, such as corporate employees or housewives. You can even get recorded lectures if you ever miss your live classes and watch them at your convenience whenever you can find the time.

Law Prep Tutorial’s online CLAT Courses are like magic shoes. One size fits all. Our courses are designed to help students with their CLAT preparations with the help of Expert Lecturers in the country, at affordable prices.

Are you a CLAT Aspirant struggling with your preparation during this pandemic crisis?

Law Prep Tutorial has solved your dilemma.

So what are you waiting for? Join our batches before they are all full!

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