Is classroom or online coaching very essential for a good CLAT ranking?

With the arrival of the corona, the education industry has seen a revolutionary change. Most of the classes and courses have now come online, due to the unavailability of physical classes. A lot of new CLAT 2021 Online Coaching centers have become popular and very helpful for students who are stuck at home with little help to their studies.

Once again, these coaching centers have shown us that nothing can stop or pose obstacles to the determination of these bright aspirants who are preparing for various competitive exams. A lot of courses including CLAT, UPSC, SSC, NDA, Bank, and Clerical, as well as mainstream courses like MBBS, NEET, IIT & IIM entrance, etc., have now come online. We could never imagine that studying for these through live classes was possible. But the tragedy of corona has now made everything possible online.


One of the most esteemed coaching centers in India for Law, i.e. Law Prep Tutorial is now providing CLAT Online Coaching through their unique live courses available to students all around the country at a nominal price, irrespective of their location, background, or previous study records.

These revolutionary Online CLAT Courses are proving to be multiple times beneficial over the physical classes for various reasons:

  1. Time saverOnline CLAT Classes save a lot of time consumed in travelling from residence to the coaching centre and then back to the residence which could mean hours for some. This saved time can be utilised in self-studying or any other activities beneficial for self.
  2. Distant learning — CLAT Online Courses have brought a classroom learning experience for those living in remote areas or cities where good CLAT classes are not available. This has made it possible from them to study from the convenience of their home without having to spend a large extra amount by shifting to a new study, living in a PG or hostel and paying the rents for housing, food, travel, etc.
  3. Convenient LearningCLAT Preparation Online cum recorded lectures are greatly convenient for people who have to manage difficult schedules with studying, such as for corporate employees, for housewives and people who have family businesses to handle. Recorded classes gives them to study whenever and wherever they want incorporating it into their busy schedules.
  4. Money saver — since these classes do not require to be present physically at one place, it cuts down on major costs for the tutors or coaching centres. They don’t need a physical centre, and other facilities such as electricity, sanitisation, food, water, parking, etc. As a result, the fees is also significantly lower than the physical courses.
  5. Learning from the best tutors in the field — before corona, several top teachers in the field were teaching only physically, and it was not possible to get their lectures in a recorded form, or to even attend it through video calls. This has changed, and a lot of tutors have been forced to bring their classes online. This has worked as a win-win for both the teachers and the students. A lot of students can now avail their courses at low costs, with all the above mentioned benefits, and for the teachers, the number of enrolments have now multiplied greatly as the classes have become accessible to greater masses of students.

Whether you prepare for CLAT 2021 online Coaching or offline, what matters the most is your will and determination to crack the exam. Online CLAT Preparation won’t help you unless you help yourself and motivate yourself with the mantras of “I can do it!”


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