Is the CLAT online course good for the CLAT preparation?

When it comes to ranking the most competitive exams in India, CLAT is ranked among the top 5 in terms of difficulty and structure. While preparing for CLAT 2022 exam Preparation with CLAT Online Course, it is important to strategize your studies and plan ahead of time. In these tough times of COVID, when classes and coaching centers are closed for a while, online coaching classes have become the last straw saving the CLAT aspirants’ hopes and helping them to utilize their most valuable time in quarantine to prepare for CLAT well.

Law Prep Tutorial is one of top coaching centres in India providing Online CLAT Preparation courses for CLAT exams. The course is conducted through a series of live and recorded classes, revised with the help on online tests and quizzes. It is the newly trending unique way to prepare for CLAT through Online CLAT Classes, and proves to be equally as effective as physical coaching centres once a student gets the hang of it.


Here are some features of this course:

  1. Interactive Live Classes

Law Prep Tutorial’s CLAT 2022 Online Preparation consists of a series of live classes with a structured syllabus and a fixed timetable given at the beginning of each course for the convenience of students. The live classes offer an optimum learning experience paced appropriately, leaving space for enough self-study time for everyone. The classes are structured keeping in mind the average learning speed for all students, neither too fast, nor too slow. Any missed live classes can be watched through recording upon requests.

  1. Doubt Solving Classes

Doubt solving classes are held every few days in between the syllabus. These may be pre-planned or held on requests from students, however, students are informed one or two days prior to the class. These doubt solving classes allow the students to ask any doubts in the entire syllabus, regardless of where the tutors have reached in the live classes. These classes are held to ensure that all doubts are cleared and no students stay behind on the understanding part.

  1. Online Mock Tests

Weekly, or every two weeks, mock tests are held to help the students evaluate their own understanding and grasp on the concepts in the syllabus. These tests can be held unit wise, subject wise or randomly based on the syllabus that has been covered in the classes, as per the opinion of the tutors after a discussion with the students. CLAT Preparation Online is better when you get a clear vision of the level and extent of your own preparation.

  1. Personal Guidance

Every student will be provided with the contact details of their tutors for the Online CLAT Course that they have enrolled in. They are free to approach their tutors out of the classes, within a given time slot for personal guidance, any doubts or queries. This will help you to stay in touch with your tutors, in case of leaves, frequent queries or urgent doubts.

All in all, CLAT Online Coaching offered by Law Prep Tutorial can be a good option for those who are stuck at home, with nowhere to go, and no study materials available nearby. Even if you manage to avail the study material from the internet, a good study guide is always better to keep your preparation on point and ensure that your time and efforts are going in the right direction.



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