How to Prepare for CLAT Exam During the Second Wave?

The current scenario in the country is very tough for each one of us. We are hit by the second wave of the pandemic, and most parts of the country are facing the harsh results of this outbreak. Due to this Covid situation, the dates for the CLAT exam will be discussed once again in the first week of May. 

We know this is a tough situation, and CLAT preparation for the majority of students has gone awry. Students who were taking coaching are also left with no other option other than preparing at home and taking Clat Online Classes

Primarily it is very important to understand the format and sections of the exam, which contains the following sections: 

CLAT Legal Aptitude

This section is considered to be the most important of all, also from the law perspective. It can be the deciding section and act as a tie-breaker. It will contain passage-based questions on legal knowledge and terms, which requires a lot of reading. The candidates must be well-versed with the current happenings in the Legal world.

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CLAT General Knowledge and Current affairs 

The General Knowledge section is also going to be a passage-based section covering World Affairs, History and Culture, and Current Affairs from different parts of the world. Reading newspapers and magazines regularly is the most important thing you need to ace this section. Previous year’s papers show that most of the questions have been put up from different newspaper articles and editorials.

CLAT Comprehensive English

The section has reading comprehension and questions on vocabulary and grammar. The passages will be around 450 words or more and require a deep understanding of the text so work on your skills. Also, questions will be more inference based so prepare accordingly. 

CLAT Logical Reasoning 

This will contain passages on critical reasoning and complex arrangement. Critical reasoning demands good comprehension ability and critical thinking. The questions will be on strengthening and weakening arguments, assumptions and conclusions, which require a lot of practice.

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CLAT Elementary Mathematics

This section will cover questions from Data interpretation which covers sub-topics such as Average, Ratio Proportion, Profit and Loss, Percentage, and Mixture Allegations. The section includes short sets of facts, graphs, and other diagrammatic representations.

How to Prepare for CLAT During the Lockdown?

Know the Exam Pattern Well

It is essential for the aspirants to know the exam pattern and syllabus really well to proceed with the preparation in the right direction to crack CLAT. CLAT 2021 is going to be a comprehensive paper, so you to work on your reading skills right from the start of your preparation. The CLAT exam pattern is your map and will ensure that you’re on the right path and moving in the right direction.

Build a Schedule 

To conquer something, a schedule is very important. Also, do not underestimate the importance of a well-planned schedule while self-studying. If practised religiously and with discipline, this will go a long way in ensuring that the candidate excels in CLAT 2021. 

Practice CLAT Mock-Tests

During this time, when you’re preparing with CLAT online classes, you need to put more emphasis on taking mock tests and previous year papers. The key to success is writing the maximum number of mock tests during the preparation. It will give you an idea about the type of question asked in the CLAT exam and the difficulty level of the paper. It will also ensure that you stay relatively calm and confident during the exam. 

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Invest in Good Study-Material 

Before you start preparing, invest your time and money in figuring out the best CLAT study materials. Ask your mentors or friends who are already preparing for the exam to recommend the best books to you. If you are preparing with any coaching centres, you must use the study materials provided by them as they have the best and updated study materials. 

Books are the grail of success, and you need the best and reliable study materials to qualify for the exam. With the rise in digitalization, you can also find the latest study materials online. Make sure your source of information is reliable. 

Positive Approach 

It is important for all the students to keep a positive attitude towards learning and learn with a free mind. Just believe that it will happen and then positively approach the process. Do not panic; stay calm and conquer what you want.

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