How To Tackle New Exam Pattern for CLAT 2022?

CLAT is conducted to get admission in 21 National Law Universities (NLUs) in India. Besides the NLUs, 43 educational institutes and two public sector institutes also accept the CLAT scores for admission in undergraduate law courses. CLAT Consortium has changed the CLAT exam pattern. Therefore, it is important for the candidates to prepare for a section-wise strategy to crack CLAT

Clearing CLAT is a dream of every law aspirant. Since only two months are left for the exam, the preparation must be going strong. But, to get an overall idea about the exam strategy according to the CLAT new pattern, you can read further. 

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As per the CLAT 2021 exam pattern, the question paper will comprise a total number of 150 questions. The Quantitative section will have an elementary level of questions. Other sections in CLAT 2021 include Logical Reasoning, CLAT Legal Reasoning, English language, Current affairs, and General Knowledge will have comprehension-based questions. 

How to prepare for CLAT Logical Reasoning for the new pattern?

  • Try to recognize the argument and its subsequent premises and conclusions.
  • Do not go for shortcuts, as every single mark is important. Make diagrams, mind maps as they are very helpful for syllogism and blood relations. 
  • Practice CLAT mock tests regularly to get an idea about the real exam environment and also learn time management. 

How to prepare for CLAT GK for the new pattern?

  • Since CLAT has decided to adopt a comprehension based exam pattern, the passages can vary from 250 to 450 words. The articles can be derived from the newspaper, journalistic sources, non-fiction writings or legal issues. The aim is to check the general awareness about the topic of the candidate.  
  • While preparing, jot down the important dates, events, award ceremonies in a journal, so it is easier to revise them regularly.
  • Look for the additional hints in the question and logically eliminate the options. 

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How to prepare for CLAT Mathematics for the new pattern?

  • Practice at least 30 questions daily from one particular topic. 
  • Memorize tables, cubes and squares, so it is easier to solve the question and will help in both the logical and mathematics section of the exam. 
  • It is advised not to give more than 15 minutes to this section in order to complete the exam on time.

How to prepare for CLAT English for the new pattern?

  • The CLAT English section will test your proficiency in English based on comprehension based passages, vocabulary, and grammar. 
  • Candidates are questioned on the central theme of the passage, synonyms and antonyms of the words. 
  • The comprehension passages are lengthy, from about 500-1000 words, so you need to develop a habit of reading fast and then contemplating faster. 

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How to prepare for CLAT Legal Reasoning for the new pattern?

  • With the change in the exam pattern, the CLAT Legal Reasoning section has become lengthy for the students to complete in 30-32 minutes. Only reading religiously can rescue you; start reading newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. Start by reading a reputed newspaper like The Hindu or Economic Times. 
  • Understand the question in the exam, go through it multiple times till you fully understand it. Once you understand the question, you can solve it in minimal time.  
  • In Logical Reasoning, you should start by reading the passage and then moving on to the questions, so you don’t make any hypothetical situation in your head. 
  • Read about the important landmark cases, all the enactments and amendments made during the seasons or the death penalty, which have been a part of the news in the last few months.

Remember, working consistently on your skills is key to succeed in CLAT 2022. Do not stress about the changes made; rather, work on improving your skills required for the new pattern. Eventually, you will get a complete idea of the new exam pattern. So, stay positive and prepare well.

All the best!

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