7 Benefits of Mock Tests in CLAT Preparation

CLAT is a highly competitive exam and requires you to be on your toes throughout the preparation process. One must have a very firm and solid preparation in order to ace this prestigious law entrance exam. For doing the same, many candidates resort to the holy grail of preparations -MOCK TESTS. Mock tests are nothing but a copy of the actual examination. It puts you in the same environment which you will be in during the actual exam. Mock Tests in CLAT Preparation are very important.

There are many benefits of giving a mock test before the actual exam. It helps you in strengthening your CLAT preparation. If you need more reasons to convince yourself regarding why you must give mock tests before CLAT, read on!

1.       Helps in identification of weak areas.

Mock Tests are a great way to identify your weak points. While you appear in a mock test, you come across some questions you do not know the answer for. These questions are your weak points. You can note down these topics and put a little extra focus on the same so that you have amended your learning by the time you sit in the actual exam.  

2.       Helps in Practice and Preparation

Practice makes a person perfect! The same saying applies everywhere. The more you practice, the more chances you will have to succeed. A mock test will have questions similar to the actual CLAT exam. Giving multiple mock tests will help you in practising such questions and become a master of the same.

3.       Provides an opportunity to take risks and experiment

Mock tests provide you an opportunity to experiment with the technique and approach that you apply while you give the paper and decide which one suits you the best. You only get to give the actual CLAT paper once, and thus do not have the opportunity to test your techniques there. 


4.       Helps you increase your accuracy

Practicing mock tests multiple times will help you become more accurate with your answers. The more questions and problems you face, the more experience you will gain of dealing with such. This will, in turn, help you enhance your accuracy. 

5.       Helps in increasing the speed

Once you develop a habit of answering the type of questions asked in CLAT, your speed of answering such questions will increase by itself. On repetition of the same type of questions, your brain will get accustomed to solve them and you will not take much time to answer them.

6.       Lets you develop new techniques to solve problems

Giving more and more mock tests will help you with developing your own technique to solve the test. You can experiment with multiple ways to solve the test and see which one works the best for you. 

7.       Provides space for self-evaluation.

You get to know your result after each mock test. This provides you with an opportunity to self evaluate. Rectifying your mistakes after every mock test helps you attain the best version of yourself to present in the CLAT exam. The candidates can note down their score in each segment after every mock test. At the end of the month, doing an analysis of this score can help you track your progress and know in which sections have you performed well and which sections require more effort. 

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