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We take immense pride in the fact that we bring over 23 years of experience to our endeavor.

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At Law Prep Tutorial, our committed team of counselors is ready to assist you. To schedule a counseling session, please reach out to the provided contact number -+91-7665944999 , +91-9414143101 & +91-9251983278.

To ensure accessibility for all, we have established a presence across various cities, encompassing a total of 22 centers throughout India.

The Judiciary serves as the court system responsible for interpreting and applying the law. As a vital organ of Indian democracy, it dispenses justice in accordance with legal principles. Courts play a pivotal role in applying and interpreting laws, settling disputes, and meting out consequences to those who violate the law.

Commonly known as the Judicial services examination, it serves as the initial assessment for individuals who have completed their law degree.

With over 60,000 applicants annually, the exam attracts a substantial number of candidates due to the prestige associated with the position and the competitive salary offered. However, the salary of Civil Judges varies across states, with newly appointed Judicial Officers typically earning a monthly in-hand salary ranging from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

Conducted by the honorable high court or state public service commissions, these exams aim to appoint candidates for subordinate Judicial services that is appointment of Judges to different posts at the district courts.

Individuals pursuing a career in the judiciary can apply for various positions, including Judicial Magistrate, Civil judge, etc.

In order to be eligible for Judiciary exam, one must fulfill the following criteria, although eligibility criteria vary from one state to another:

  •  One should be an Indian citizen.  
  •  The minimum age requirement for the exam is 21 years, and the maximum age limit is 42 years. 
  •  LLB students who completed their 3-year or 5-year course or are in the final year of LLB course. 
  •  LLM students, LLD Degree Holders, or LLD Research Scholars.
  •  Lawyers who have started practicing and are willing to appear for a civil judge or HJS exam.
  •  Civil judges/Judicial magistrates who are willing to appear for higher judicial services examination.

At Law Prep Judiciary, our instructor’s hail from various domains, some are qualified in RJS or other state Judiciary exams, retired judges, or experts who are scholars in their respective fields. You will receive training from experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the legal domain. Also, benefit from a wealth of insightful material, including legal books, specialized modules, language-focused resources, full-length mock tests, sectional tests, and topic quizzes. Our consistently updated and thoughtfully curated learning materials ensure a comprehensive and enriching preparation experience.

To excel in any judicial exam, unwavering determination is crucial. Achieving success demands consistent focus and dedication throughout the preparation journey. At Law Prep Judiciary, we assure comprehensive support, both academically and mentally, to empower aspirants on their path to success.

Law Prep Judiciary is your go-to resource for up-to-date content and comprehensive support in preparing for judicial exams. We focus on developing profound subject knowledge and enhancing clarity on legal concepts, case laws, and jurisprudence. Law Prep Judiciary ensures you have access to reliable study materials. We take immense pride in our expertise in language papers, providing the best content in-house. Additionally, Law Prep Judiciary advocates regular practice through mock tests and practice papers, offering valuable insights into effective time management and the exam pattern.