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Prepare for the Army Institute of Law Entrance Test with the best AIL LET coaching in India. Our online program offers engaging live classes, detailed study materials, and full-scale mock tests to ensure you excel and secure your place at AIL Mohali.

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Find answers to your common questions about AIL Mohali entrance test

The AIL LET is a law entrance test conducted by the Army Institute of Law for admission to its undergraduate law programs. It evaluates candidates on legal aptitude, general knowledge, reasoning, and English.

The AIL LET is a computer-based test comprising multiple-choice questions across various sections including Legal Aptitude, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, and English.

Applications for AIL LET are submitted online through the official website of the Army Institute of Law. Candidates need to fill out the application form and pay the application fee as per the instructions provided.

The Army Institute of Law (AIL) is a premier law school established by the Indian Army. It is located in Mohali, Punjab, and provides quality education in legal studies primarily for children of army personnel, though it also has seats for civilians.

AIL primarily offers a five-year integrated B.A. LL.B program, which combines Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees.

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Law Prep Tutorial is renowned as the best AIL LET coaching institute in India, specializing in comprehensive online coaching for Army Institute of Law Entrance Test. Our commitment to excellence and student success has established us as the premier choice for students who aim to pursue their legal education at the AIL Mohali.

Our approach is student-centered, using the latest in educational technology to deliver interactive live classes, detailed study materials, and extensive mock tests that mirror the actual AIL entrance exam. This not only prepares students for the type of questions they will face, but also equips them with the skills necessary to excel under exam conditions.

Our expert faculty members are seasoned educators with deep knowledge of the law entrance exams. They provide personalized attention to ensure that each student understands and masters the various segments of the Army Institute of Law’s entrance exam syllabus. Additionally, our online platform offers flexible learning options, allowing students to study effectively from any location at their convenience.


About AIL Law Entrance Test (AIL LET)

The AIL LET is a competitive entrance exam conducted annually by the Army Institute of Law, Mohali, for admission into its prestigious five-year integrated B.A. LL.B program. This test is designed to assess the aptitude of aspirants for a career in law, evaluating their skills in areas such as legal reasoning, general knowledge, and logical thinking, which are crucial for the rigorous demands of legal education.



Exam Name


Conducted By

Army Institute of Law (AIL Mohali)

Exam Frequency

Once a year

Exam Mode


Exam Duration

120 minutes

Official Website


The AIL LET serves as a gateway for both children of army personnel and civilian students to enter one of the leading law institutes in India. Given the institute’s strong affiliation with the Indian Army, a significant portion of seats is reserved for wards of army personnel, which underscores its commitment to supporting army families. However, it also maintains a fair and meritocratic admissions process for civilians, making it a diverse educational environment.

Taking the AIL Mohali entrance test offers numerous benefits. Successful candidates gain entry into the Army Institute of Law, which boasts a robust curriculum that offers theoretical legal studies with practical applications through moot courts, internships, and seminars with practicing lawyers and legal scholars. This comprehensive approach to legal education not only prepares students for various roles within the legal field but also nurtures critical thinking, argumentative skills, and ethical practices.

Graduates from the Army Institute of Law are highly regarded in the legal community due to their rigorous training and the institution's strong industry connections, which facilitate excellent placement opportunities. 

Furthermore, the vibrant campus life, extensive legal resources, and dedicated faculty contribute to a well-rounded educational experience that can significantly propel a graduate's career in law, whether in litigation, corporate law, or public administration.


AIL LET Exam Eligibility Criteria

Following is the eligibility criteria for AIL Mohali law entrance test:

Eligibility Criteria


Educational Qualification

Candidates must have passed or be appearing in Class 12th or equivalent from a recognized board.

Required Board

Punjab School Education Board, or any other state or national board of education in India.

Minimum Marks

Candidates must have secured at least 45% marks in the qualifying examination.

Eligibility of Open University Students

Candidates who have completed their qualifying exam from an open university are not eligible.

Compartment Papers

Candidates who are clearing Class 12th compartment papers are not eligible for admission at AIL.


Benefits of AIL LET Online Coaching

Convenience and Accessibility

Access your preparation resources and live classes from any location, eliminating the need for commuting and providing flexibility to study from the comfort of your home.


Online coaching for AIL Mohali entrance exam reduces the need for physical books and commuting, making it a more affordable option compared to traditional classroom coaching.

Personalized Learning Experience

Our online platform features adaptive technologies that personalize the learning experience to your strengths and weaknesses, enhancing your overall learning efficiency.

Real-Time Support

Get instant answers to your queries during live sessions or via online support, ensuring that you understand concepts thoroughly without delays.

Broader Access to Expertise

Connect with top instructors and expert faculties from across the country, gaining insights and knowledge that might not be available locally.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Manage your study schedule around personal and professional commitments, attending recorded sessions if you miss live ones and studying at times that suit you best.


How to Prepare for AIL LET Exam?

Preparing for the AIL LET (Army Institute of Law Entrance Test) demands a focused and structured approach due to the competitive nature of the exam.

1. Understand Exam Format and Syllabus

Start by familiarizing yourself with the specific details of the AIL Mohali law entrance exam, including the exam format, the sections it comprises, and the type of questions that are asked. Understanding the structure of the exam will help you in planning your study schedule.

2. Create a Study Plan

Organize a detailed study plan that allocates time for each section of the exam. Consider your own strengths and weaknesses when designing this plan. Make sure to include ample time for revision and practice tests. Stick to this schedule diligently to cover all necessary areas systematically.

3. Focus on Each Section

  • Legal Aptitude and Reasoning: This section tests your basic knowledge of the law and legal terms. Regular reading of basic law books and legal sections in newspapers can be beneficial. Practice solving different types of legal reasoning questions.

  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs: Stay updated with current events and brush up on your general knowledge. Reading newspapers, magazines, and using apps focused on current affairs will help. Also, review history, geography, and static general knowledge.

  • Logical Reasoning: Enhance your logical skills by practicing puzzles, series, analogies, and syllogisms. Logical reasoning books and online resources can provide good practice material.

  • English: Improve your vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills. Regular reading and practicing summarization, paraphrasing, and understanding main ideas will help significantly.

4. Practice with Previous Years’ Papers and Mock Tests

Solving previous years’ papers will give you a clear idea of the exam pattern and the level of difficulty. Regularly taking timed mock tests will help build your confidence and improve your time management skills.

5. Review and Revise Regularly

Make revision a constant part of your study process. Go over your notes and key points regularly to ensure that you retain the material. Use flashcards for quick reviews and summaries.

6. Join Coaching Institute

Self-study can be challenging. Hence, join Law Prep Tutorial’s AIL LET classes. This provides structured learning and expert guidance that is crucial for success in competitive exams.

7. Take Care of Your Health

Maintain a healthy routine with proper diet, exercise, and sufficient sleep. Managing stress is crucial, so engage in regular physical activities and possibly meditation to keep your mind clear and focused.

8. Simulate Exam Conditions

Periodically, set aside time to simulate exam conditions at home. This practice will help you adjust to the pressure of the actual exam day and will fine-tune your pacing.


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