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20 Best CLAT Books for 2025 Preparation

Books are a storehouse of knowledge and our best friends, often working as our guide, friend, and philosopher. The same is true when choosing the best books for CLAT preparation in 2025. Selecting the best CLAT book for preparation can significantly impact your score. So, picking the right books to study is essential, as it is a significant component of your CLAT preparation.

For better CLAT exam preparation, candidates require books that clearly understand the CLAT exam pattern 2025 and the CLAT syllabus. With the help of these books, candidates can mainly concentrate on the topics that are exam-related and can build the foundation to pursue a career in the field of law.

Things to Know While Choosing CLAT Preparation Books

There isn’t a single best book for CLAT preparation. A CLAT preparation book will become the perfect option when it enhances personal learning preferences and strengths. These aren’t just books; they will serve you as weapons in the CLAT 2025 exam. A well-structured CLAT book must cover all sections and demands of the exam that enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and it is not just informational content. 

CLAT Books are essential resources since they help you understand concepts clearly and efficiently and are ideal for covering the syllabus. People are drenched in several books whenever they prepare for the CLAT exam. Undoubtedly, books are essential to clearing the exam as they build the foundation of knowledge.

Therefore, when a candidate is preparing for the CLAT exam, it is essential to have all the books with the syllabus and other resources. With sub-standard books, it isn’t easy to cover the syllabus in depth because of unnecessary information that is not essential. As a result, the preparation process is affected. Therefore, when preparing, the candidate must follow separate materials for each subject. 

  • While selecting a book for CLAT is challenging, choosing books that cover the CLAT syllabus is essential. Therefore, if you are new to law, selecting a book that is easy to understand and covers each topic deeply makes sense.
  • Similarly, choose a book by a reputed author, as not all authors provide quality content. Furthermore, refer to the list of books mentioned below or do research and look for a book you think meets your needs.
  • Review reviews and seek recommendations from CLAT candidates and experts to make informed decisions.
  • Another critical point is to choose the latest version of the book, as new information is covered.

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Best CLAT Books for English

An in-depth knowledge of English grammar, comprehension, and vocabulary is essential for the English section. For that reason, the following CLAT books are recommended:

Book NameAuthor Name
Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
30 Days to a More Powerful VocabularyNorman Lewis
High School English Grammar and CompositionWren & Martin
English is EasyChetan Anand Singh

Tally the syllabus with the books; you will find all the topics covered in detail and in easy language. This will help you ace the English section and with your general communication.

CLAT Books for General Knowledge

The GK section of the CLAT exam is widely unspecified. A few books that cover most of the topics are:

  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Manorama Year Book
  • Pearson’s Concise GK Manual
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge
  • Competition Review Yearbook
  • CLAT Express by Law Prep Tutorial

Besides this, a candidate should also read the newspaper daily. The Hindu and Indian Express are some beneficial newspapers during your preparation.

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CLAT Books for Quantitative Techniques

Candidates with solid math skills can earn good scores. While many aspirants find this section tricky, see the list below for the best CLAT books to help you ace it:

Book NameAuthor Name
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (English)RS Aggarwal
Data InterpretationBSC Publications
Magical Book on Quicker MathsM Tyra
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsPearson’s

Also, solve past papers for a better understanding of the questions.

CLAT Books for Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning section may be tricky but easy to crack. The questions here are mainly in the form of passages, and the candidate is expected to answer questions based on them.

You can easily glide through the CLAT Logical Reasoning section in the book list below:

Book NameAuthor Name
Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningR.S. Aggarwal
GMAT Official Guide

However, it is also important to refer to past papers to understand the question structure and exam pattern.

CLAT Books for Legal Reasoning

Though this is the trickiest and most challeging sections of the CLAT, it is possible to crack. Overall, with the books listed below, candidates can quickly grasp legal concepts and build their foundation in law.

Book NameAuthor Name
Legal Awareness and Legal ReasoningPearson
Important Judgement That Transformed India Alex Andrews George
The Pearson Guide to the CLAT Harsh Gagrani
The HinduNewspaper

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Best Books for CLAT PG

The CLAT PG examination is conducted for candidates who want to pursue the LLM course in the NLUs. A candidate must have previous knowledge of law to write this exam. The CLAT PG syllabus covers all the major law theories and topics in the undergraduate syllabus, so candidates should thoroughly use the CLAT UG syllabus. 

Some of the best books for CLAT PG are:

Book NameAuthor/ Publisher
S S Handbook for LLM Entrance ExamSinghal’s Law Publications
Guide To LLM Entrance Examination, including Previous Year’s Solved PapersUniversal’s
Solved Papers of LLM Entrance Test (Faculty of Law, Delhi University, including  ILI, AILET, and CLAT)Singhal’s Law Publications
Ascent’s Law Guide for LLM Entrance ExamAshok K Jain


Choosing the books for CLAT 2025 preparation is essential. Not all books cover all topics; if they do, they follow complex sentence structures, making it difficult for a beginner to grasp. It is best to get an expert’s opinion on which books to refer to. Also, you can ask students who have cleared the CLAT exam for their recommendations. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to choose a book that covers the syllabus provided and select a book from a credible author. However, it is also important not to rely on books for all topics. For GK and current affairs, reading the newspaper daily is necessary. Similarly, for quantitative techniques, one should refer to past papers for help. Therefore, lay out all the essentials before preparing for the CLAT exam.

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