A career in Journalism after LLB: Scope & Opportunities

Law is among one of the most chosen streams because of the career opportunities it provides. Many students start their CLAT preparation right from class 12th to crack the law entrance exam and get admission in NLUs. But many law aspirants are also interested in the field of journalism. While pursuing the law degree or during the preparation, they wonder if it is okay to choose a career in journalism after LLB. 

Undoubtedly, there are many career opportunities after LLB, such as advocacy, legal advisor, document-drafting lawyer, judge, magistrate, legal process outsourcing, etc. Journalism is another great option after LLB.

Why Journalism After Law Degree?

There are several benefits of opting for journalism after LLB. First, you get to explore an additional field of your choice along with staying in touch with law. For instance, if you become a legal journalist, then you get to see both the worlds- law and journalism. Moreover, you feel satisfied with your job, and it brings you monetary advantages as well. 

But before you step into the field of journalism after a law degree, you must know the skills and characteristics required to become a good journalist. If you exhibit the qualities of a good lawyer, then your transition to journalism is going to be easier. It is because the skill set required for journalism and law are nearly the same. 

For example, lawyers need to have excellent speaking and writing skills. The same applies to journalists. So, a journalism career after LLB is a good option. 

Making a Breakthrough in Journalism With LLB

In the world of journalism, it is important to build connections and networks with people from different fields. Since it is a highly competitive career section, you need to have all the essential qualities and skills to become a journalist after LLB. Start with networking with people and change your lifestyle. Even if you are an introvert, it is important to communicate well and find it easy to interact with anyone. 

As a student who is taking CLAT courses and indulging in CLAT study material, you also need to work on your communication and reading skills. Additionally, you must also learn that the beginning of a journalism career may not be rewarding as a lawyer, but if you stick to it and make an impact, the future will be bright. 

Qualities of a Good Journalist

To become a good journalist after LLB or a law degree, you must ensure that you have the following qualities:

  • Influential writing

If you are writing for a newspaper or magazine, then you have to determine how your news story or article can be different and more enthralling than others. This will come with good writing skills and a creative mind. You should learn and practice how to play with words and how to present a reader-friendly, appealing, and precise story or article with factual details. 

  • In-depth knowledge

To write or present any event better, you need to have thorough and detailed knowledge about it. For this, you can rely on trusted resources from both digital and print mediums. Do proper research about things you present, including evidence and facts, to make things convincing for readers or viewers. Whether you are presenting a story through a newspaper or TV channel, it must be valuable for the audience. 

  • Investigative skills

The investigative, observation, and analytical skills differentiate between an average journalist and an excellent journalist. You must be highly skilled on these points.  

  • Confidence and professionalism

Professionalism primarily means that you should meet your deadlines right from the start of your career in journalism after LLB. You should be keen to take work and go beyond the call of duty, have the courage to handle criticism from seniors and the audience, etc. 

  • Ethics and discipline

To beat the tough competition, sometimes journalists take the shortest path for money and fame. You should never do anything unethically. Honesty and authenticity are crucial for long-term success in journalism. 

Opportunities for Legal Journalists

Since it is a wide area and industry, a legal journalist can be recruited for a variety of roles. Here are some of the leading employment opportunities:

  • Professional law blogs
  • Newspaper firms
  • Magazines
  • News channels
  • Content agencies
  • Media portals
  • Law companies

Wrapping Up:

There are plenty of career opportunities for law graduates in journalism if they choose a strategic path. You need to have specific skills, like communication, observation, discipline, ethics, professionalism, etc., to pave a successful way throughout your career. If you are preparing for the law entrance exam and making up your mind to go for journalism after LLB, then it would be highly beneficial to go for the best CLAT online classes and study material. 


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