CLAT 2021: Necessary Measures For the D-day

The new exam date is yet to be decided for CLAT 2021 by the consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs). 

Students have been waiting for the CLAT 2021 exam for very long, patiently. But you don’t need to panic about the CLAT preparation; just remember at the end of the day, it’s your performance on the D-day that matters. Most of you have worked really hard and have prepared every section in the best way. So, you don’t need to worry as all your hard work will pay off soon. In this article, you’ll read a few points that will help you in making the most of the D-day.

Sleep Schedule 

The hectic preparation routine and the second wave of the pandemic has made it tough for all. The sleep schedule of the students is in a damaged state, but please correct your sleep timing before the exam. 

If you are sleeping and preparing late at night, it is suggested that you stop it immediately. Make changes in routine as this messy routine can create a problem on your D-day. So, go to bed on time and wake up early in the morning. Also, avoid sleeping during the day. 


Students often get up late and have a heavy lunch during the day, making them sleepy in the afternoon. Take a good and balanced diet. Eat green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds; include proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet, so you feel light and not feel drowsy during study hours. Also, adjust your lunch timings as per your exam schedule, so your body is habitual to the routine. 

Know Your Exam Centre

If your exam centre is in a big city or travelling to another city for the exam, make sure you visit the centre once before the exam. So you know the estimated traffic and time to reach the centre on the exam day. It is also suggested to travel to your location one hour early to avoid any mishaps. 


Dress comfortably while going for your exam. Wear some loose joggers and T-shirts or anything that will not make you uncomfortable for the next two hours. Even slight discomfort can cause you problems. 


Water helps you calm down when under stress. It is possible that you don’t remember something or get stumped by a few questions, which might cause dry mouth. In that case, you can gulp water and wait for a few seconds to get back to normal and then continue to solve the questions. Always remember it is important to stay hydrated during the exam. But due to the covid situation, it is possible that you will not be allowed to carry the water bottles; nevertheless, exam centres have water coolers so you can easily quench your thirst. 


Please avoid going to any crowded place as you have a great chance to catch the virus before the exam. It will waste a lot of your time if you catch the virus as it will take days to recover, and you don’t want to waste your precious time. 

On the exam day, make sure you are well-equipped with the necessary requirements, for example, masks, sanitiser hand gloves to be careful. 

Use a face shield to protect yourself and stop yourself from touching your face during the exam. Use the sanitiser on your hands after touching any surface in the exam centre, from the doorknob to the handle of your bike. Do not risk it.  


We all are going through tough times, so meditate; it helps. Practice breathing exercises or yoga before the exam to keep yourself physically fit and mentally healthy. 

Stay calm and focused!

And, keep the above advice in mind before taking CLAT 2021.


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