Mistakes to Avoid on CLAT 2025 Exam Day

Mistakes to Avoid on CLAT 2024 Exam Day

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do”

― Benjamin Spock 

As the clock approaches the much anticipated CLAT 2025, it is not only your preparation but also your exam day strategy that will determine your success. This blog post, focusing on mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day, is a must read for any CLAT aspirant hoping to gain admission to one of India’s premier law schools. Navigating the high-pressure environment of CLAT demands more than just academic knowledge; it necessitates a deep understanding of the common CLAT exam day mistakes that can have a substantial impact on your performance.

With the CLAT evolving every year, it is crucial to be updated with the latest trends and pitfalls. Hence, we have tailored our advice to specifically address the mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day 2024. Whether it’s mismanaging time, overlooking key instructions, or succumbing to exam stress, these mistakes can be the difference between success and setback in one of the most competitive exams in the country.

In this post, we will guide you through an exhaustive list of mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day 2024, as well as give insights and tips to ensure you are well prepared to sit for the CLAT with confidence. We have got you covered on everything from pre exam preparation to exam day nuances. So, let’s dive in and explore the key mistakes to avoid in CLAT 2024, which will put you on the right track to accomplishing your legal career goals.

Mistakes to Avoid Before Exam Day

In the final countdown to CLAT 2024, avoiding certain pitfalls can make a significant difference. Key among these are the mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day. Many aspirants stumble not because of their lack of knowledge but due to mistakes made before the exam day. It is essential to recognize these CLAT exam day mistakes well in advance.

1. Improper Sleep

A crucial mistake to avoid on CLAT exam day is neglecting adequate sleep. Insufficient rest can leave you lethargic and unfocused during the test, hindering your performance. It’s vital to prioritize good sleep as part of your exam strategy to avoid such CLAT exam day mistakes.

2. Avoid New Topics

Avoid delving into new topics at the last minute, as it can disrupt your final revision strategy and cause unnecessary panic. It’s best to focus on consolidating what you’ve already learned rather than exploring new material.

3. Eat Well

Another common CLAT exam day mistake is not having a proper diet. Do not skip your food in order to complete your revision on the last day. Take care of your health and well being before D-Day. Your health and well being should be at the top of your priority list. Excessive stress and avoiding food may interfere with your ability to focus on the exam.

Remember, being well-prepared also means avoiding common mistakes to avoid in CLAT 2024 before even stepping into the exam hall.

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Mistakes to Avoid on CLAT Exam Day

It is vital to be aware of the mistakes to avoid on the day of the CLAT exam. Underestimating the influence of anxiety and stress, which can greatly hamper your ability to perform effectively, is a common issue. Poor time management is also one of the most common CLAT exam day mistakes. Candidates frequently devote too much time to difficult questions, leaving barely any time for others. Furthermore, failing to follow instructions or mismanaging documents can lead to unnecessary complications. 

Here we delve into in detail the mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day

1. Forgetting to Carry Important Documents

One of the most common mistake to avoid on CLAT exam day that tends to happen is that students often forget to carry essential documents with them to the exam centre. Make sure that you carry all the necessary documents/items required in the exam centre:

(i) Admit Card

(ii) Original Photo ID card

(iii) Blue or black pen

(iv) 2 Passport size photographs

(v) Disability certificate for PwD/SAPs category candidates

(vi) Transparent water bottle

Forgetting to Carry Important Documents

2. Arriving Late in Exam Centre

Another mistake to avoid on CLAT exam day is delay in reaching the exam centre. We recommend you arrive well before reporting time to avoid last moment panicking and to go through all formalities to be done before entering exam hall. Arrive at exam centre on time rather than rushing to the centre in stress.

arriving Late in Exam Centre

3. No Last Minute Reading

Students usually keep reading study material until the last moment. We advise you to refrain from doing this to avoid this CLAT exam day mistake. Do not get threatened by seeing other students studying from notes in the exam centre. Believe in your preparation and trust yourself. 

No Last Minute Reading

4. Ignoring Exam Instruction

When you enter the exam hall, listen to the instructions given by the invigilator properly and follow them accordingly. Do not ignore exam instructions in order to avoid making any mistakes while filling in the details required for the exam.

Ignoring Exam Instruction

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5. Not Reading Questions Carefully

A key mistake to avoid on CLAT exam day is rushing through questions without careful reading. It is imperative to thoroughly read each question and its options. This careful approach prevents misunderstandings and incorrect answers, common CLAT exam day mistakes. For mistakes to avoid In CLAT 2024, attentiveness while reading questions is crucial for success.

Not Reading Questions Carefully

6. Do Not Panic

Stress and panic can lead to poor decision-making. Among the mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day, letting anxiety take over is crucial. Practice relaxation techniques and maintain a positive mindset. Do not panic if you see any difficult questions. Attempt easy questions first. Do not go on a guilt trip if you are unable to retain anything. Do not be harsh on yourself.

Do Not Panic

7. No Guess Work

Another mistake to avoid in CLAT 2024 is making too much guesswork. It is not recommended to rely on guesswork because it may lower your score. Remember that negative marking is applied and that 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer. 

No Guess Work

8. Silly Quantitative Techniques Mistakes

The quantitative techniques section of the CLAT exam is one such section where you can score full marks. This section of your exam paper can either make you or break you. Avoid making silly mistakes while doing calculations. This is one crucial mistake to avoid on CLAT exam day 2024.

Silly Quantitative Techniques Mistakes

9. Carelessly Filling OMR Sheet

While filling out the OMR sheet during examination, most students do so in hurry and carelessly. This mistake to avoid on CLAT exam day is vital, as wrong marking of answers in OMR sheet will give you negative marks. Fill out OMR sheet properly and carefully. Think before encircling options given in the OMR sheet.

Carelessly Filling OMR Sheet

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Final Tips For CLAT Exam Day

Along with the extensive list given above for mistakes to avoid on CLAT exam day, follow these tips for your overall well being on exam day:

  1. Meditate in the morning on the exam day
  2. Stay happy and calm while appearing for exam
  3. Trust in yourself and your preparation
  4. Stay Positive 


In final words, the CLAT exam is your gateway to a prestigious legal career. To avoid CLAT exam day mistakes, heed the tips provided above. Stay calm and positive while entering the exam hall and do not panic while answering questions. Believe in yourself and your preparations. After all, it’s just an exam.

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