How to Become An Income Tax Lawyer In India? Roles, Eligibility, and Procedure

Want to be the next lawyer? Wondering how to become an income tax lawyer in India? Your search ends here!

Tax lawyers are registered legal professionals who assist customers with wealth management and tax law technicalities. These income tax lawyers in India represent their clients in investigations and court.

Detail-oriented critical thinkers with a genuine interest in tax law are ideal candidates for this profession. To become a tax lawyer, a multi-year extensive education and accreditation process is required. This blog covers everything about becoming the best tax lawyer in India.

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Who Are Income Tax Lawyers?

Income tax lawyers specialise in tax law, which includes laws related to the assessment and collection of taxes on individuals and businesses. They may work for the government, representing the government in tax-related legal proceedings, or private practice, representing individuals and businesses in tax-related matters.

Income tax lawyers may be involved in various tax-related matters, including. So, if you are wondering how to become a tax lawyer in India, know this – 

  • Advising individuals and businesses on their tax obligations and helping them comply with tax laws.
  • Representing clients in tax disputes with the government, including audits, appeals, and other legal proceedings.
  • Negotiating with the government on behalf of clients to resolve tax issues.
  • Drafting and reviewing tax documents, such as tax returns and other tax-related documents.
  • Providing advice on tax planning and strategies to minimise tax liability.
  • Represent clients in criminal tax cases, such as cases involving tax evasion or fraud.

Income tax lawyers typically need to have a law degree and be licensed to practice law in their jurisdiction. 

Many income tax lawyers also have a background in accounting or finance, which can be helpful in understanding and interpreting tax laws and regulations. 

Major Requirements to Become Income Tax Lawyer in India

Tax Attorney RequirementsDetails
Degree LevelLLB
Degree FieldLaw
LicensureAll states require licensure
Key SkillsCritical thinking, analytical reasoning, negotiation, research, and writing skills
Median Salary (2019)₹4,30,000 (for lawyers)

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How to Become A Tax Lawyer in India? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program

When considering how to become a tax lawyer, the first thing aspirants need to consider is acquiring a bachelor’s degree. Before applying for admission, most law schools demand students finish a bachelor’s degree program. 

So, no specific undergraduate topic of study is necessary for admission to law school and becoming a tax lawyer in India

Aspiring income tax lawyers can consider finishing a bachelor’s degree program, including a curriculum addressing accounting, tax legislation, and rules. 

Step 2 – Take the LSAT

The LSAT assesses students’ critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and reading abilities. There will be various parts of multiple-choice questions on the exam highlighting how to become a tax lawyer in India. The exam results must be submitted with applications to law schools. 

It is the next significant stage in your preparation for a career as a tax lawyer. The LSAT takes a long time to study for and should be taken seriously by all individuals who wish to become tax lawyers.

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Step 3 – Graduate From The Best Law School

Law school is typically three years of full-time education. First-year students study seminars covering legal fundamentals, including criminal and property law, contracts, and torts. Students complete clinical experiences and judicial internships in their second and third years to become the best tax lawyers in India.

Law students can sometimes focus their studies on taxation. Students in these majors take courses in income taxes and municipal and state tax legislation. These programs may need seven semesters of full-time study, one semester more than a typical J.D. degree.

Step 4 – Appear in the Bar Exam

Today, every state requires lawyers operating inside its borders to be licensed. Most states need persons to pass a bar test and a professional responsibility exam. Each state’s bar exam format varies, although it may involve MCQs and essay questions.

So, students who wonder how to become a taxation lawyer in India must appear in the bar exam. Doing the best lawyer preparation assist examinees in passing the test on their first attempt.

Step 5 – Look for Work As An Income Tax Lawyer

Lawyers are hired by government entities such as the IT and the ED to assist them with tax concerns. Law firms and private corporations also employ income tax lawyers in India. 

While government organisations may not need candidates with prior legal expertise, law firms may favour individuals with several years of experience.

Step 6: Getting An LLM in Tax Law

Employers frequently favour applicants with an LLM in Tax Law. Completing one of these programs may boost work chances since companies may favour applicants with LLM degrees. 

Tax policies, income tax accounting, and taxation of property transactions are among the subjects covered in these seminars.

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Becoming a successful income tax lawyer in India isn’t a cakewalk. It requires immense effort and preparation to crack the law exam and become the best lawyer in India. Now that you are well-versed in becoming a lawyer in India, begin the process. 

Get admission to the best institute in India, and begin your law journey immediately. Also, the salary of an income tax lawyer in India is worth investing in the course. So, you can think of a brighter future after investing in the law course.

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