How to Choose a Law School?

The legal profession can be exciting and challenging at the same time. But to get an entry into the college, you need to clear the entrance exam so that you can avail our Online CLAT Classes on our website. The very first step after clearing the entrance exam is choosing the right law school. Selecting a law school can be easy if you’ve dreamt about one and were successful in cracking it. But, otherwise, this is no small feat. This is a decision about your future, and you should consider all the factors before coming to a conclusion. Make your choices sensibly because it is an investment of both money and time. Now, we’ll discuss a few points you need to know to make the right decision.

Reach Out and Connect

Reach out to the alumni of the college you aspire to be in. They are the best people to gather information about the insights of the college. Talk to the recent alumni. They can help you better as their memory is fresh and not much could have been updated in the college since they passed. They’ll tell you about the professors to seek out in your time of need. And will help you at the time of the job and placement.

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Consider the Specializations 

Before you enter any law school, know the specializations the college offers. If you already know what law you want to practice, make sure the college offers a good amount of courses in the subject areas you are interested in. However, this cannot be the sole factor to make your decision because the education you’ll receive in law school will be generalized.

The training in your chosen area will be attained after law school once you enter the workplace. You have the liberty to change and opt for the specialization once you have been in law school for some time and are fully aware of your interests.


This is an important factor to consider when choosing a law school. College location will determine your cost of living, and the climate of the new city you will live in for the next few years. For people who have never lived away from their homes, they’ll learn a lot from a college in a new city. It will provide a lot of exposure because you will have plenty of free time and want to spend it doing things you like.

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Consider your bills

This is a very important factor because legal education is very highly expensive. You need money to cover your tuition fees, room, books, and other expenses. Loans are available, yet you need to cut your cost down as much as possible. So, weigh the cost of law schools and determine if it is in your budget to attend.

Culture and Extracurricular Activities 

The culture at college is crucial in determining your experience for five years. A good law school will make room for you to explore and fulfil your interests beyond law. Mooting culture is very important in a law school

l, as it will give you a lot of exposure. So, practical knowledge of mooting is one aspect to consider. You can see if your college hosts moot courts, as this will be an extraordinary experience.

See if there are a variety of extracurricular activities available. Through a perfect blend of academics, sports, art and culture, you’ll learn how to maintain a healthy work-life balance making you job-ready.

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Legal professions are booming across the world. Consider the career placements of law colleges you’re planning to get in. Ask the alumni about the placements, the average salary, recruitment process on and off-campus, internships and other important things. With strong academic training, a college must offer other benefits such as mentorships, exposure, exploration of career opportunities through internship programs and a variety of other career development guidance. The placement records are the proofs for college rapport, and recruitment partners of the college can tell the measurement of opportunities that await you.

If you are targeting NLUs, devote significant time to studies with proper plan and strategy, and take our CLAT Online Course for better preparation. 

If you could not make up to the top NLUs and are figuring out which college to choose, I hope this article has narrowed down your choices. Applying for law schools is not an easy task. And that’s why the experts say to start early and spend a considerable of time and effort on the process.

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