Importance of Mock Tests in CLAT Preparation

Acing the Common Entrance Admission Test (CLAT) is a tough row to hoe. It requires dedication, perseverance, hard work, and comprehensive preparation of all subjects. The exam will test your reading and analytical skills, which can be developed mainly by solving a lot of CLAT mock tests. Considering the vitality of mock tests, students often have a lot of questions related to CLAT preparation, such as – How many mock tests should be attempted? How can mock tests help in CLAT preparation? How to evaluate my performance after attempting the CLAT mock tests? This article will discuss the Importance of CLAT Mock test to clear all your doubts. 

Benefits of Mock Tests in CLAT 

Prepares to Work Under Pressure 

The CLAT exam will test the student’s ability to handle and work under pressure. Every student wishes to give their best in the exam and prepare thoroughly for the exam. But some students cannot handle the pressure of sitting in the exam with clocks ticking in their ears when they are trying to solve the questions. Hence, mock tests for CLAT provide a simulated exam environment which prepares the students to face the real exam environment and solve questions confidently. This kind of preparation will help students ace the CLAT exam.

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Improves Accuracy

When there is a negative marking scheme in the exam like one in CLAT, it doesn’t matter how many questions the student attended; the most important thing that matters is if the questions attempted are correct or not. The accuracy in answers can make or break the score. 

Mock tests help students critically evaluate their performance after solving every mock test. Analyzing their strengths and weaknesses will help them improve their performance and get better scores in the final exam. 

Helps to Build a Better Exam Strategy

The strategy to attempt the question paper in a selected manner is also a part of the CLAT preparation strategy. If the student knows all the answers but gets stuck at a tricky question and fails to manage the time, they would still fail. After solving a sufficient number of CLAT practice tests, they get an idea to build a better paper-solving strategy. They know which sections to solve first and at last, which type of questions to attempt first, and which at last. 

When students solve a series of papers, they experiment with different paper-solving strategies and learn where to improvise until they find the best one that suits them.  

Helps Identify Weak Areas

Knowing where you lack is very important to prepare for the CLAT syllabus better. Attending regular mock tests will help students identify and understand their weak sections. It will also help you identify the parts you need to focus on and your stronger areas, so you don’t end up wasting too much time on them. 

Effective Revision

Mock tests are the best and effective source for revision. Solving questions from different CLAT topics or attempting sectional tests will help you identify the depth of your preparation. It will also help you ascertain the topics that require more effort, in case you are unable to answer questions related to the same.

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Boosts Confidence

One of the best benefits of the CLAT mock test is that when students attend regular mock tests and see their scores improving, they get a sense of confidence. They feel that they’re able to take a step forward to their dream, and scoring well in the difficult CLAT exam is not an unachievable task. They start to believe that with hard work, patience and practice, they can aim for better scores and achieve it. 

How many mock tests should a CLAT aspirant solve?

As suggested by toppers, there is no specific number that students should stick to. But, students should solve as many mock tests as possible, and there’s no limit to it. Mock tests help to improve accuracy, boost confidence and increase speed. 

Most students of Law Prep who secured top AIR, attempted more than 70 mock tests during their preparation. So if you’re planning to clear the exam with a good rank, make sure you attend a sufficient number of mock tests. 

The Bottom Line

Given the need of the hour, many coaching centers now conduct online and offline mock test series, which is icing on the cake. If students take it seriously and attend mock tests with discipline, it will help them a lot in their exam preparation. The mock tests will also help you to acquaint yourself with the latest exam pattern and, most importantly, help you keep calm during the exam. All the best, and take your mock tests seriously!

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