How to Prepare for Maths Section in CLAT?

The Maths section in CLAT is meant to test the knowledge of Elementary Mathematics, which is based on the 10th and 12th Standard. With proper techniques and preparation, aspirants can score really well in this section. 

CLAT Maths Syllabus 2021

Have a look at the following points to know the CLAT 2021 Elementary Mathematics Numerical Ability Syllabus separately.

  1. Arithmetic- Number System, Simplification, HCF & LCM, Time & Work, Ratio & Proportion, Logarithms & Functions, Average, Fractions & Functions, etc.
  2. Modern Mathematics- Clocks & Calendar, Probability, etc.
  3. Mensuration-  Areas, Volume, etc.
  4. Commercial Mathematics- Percentage, Interest, Partnership, Profit & Loss, etc.
  5. Data Interpretation- Data Tables, Bar Diagrams, Data Charts, Charts (Simple, Stacked, Pie Chart, Composite Chart Bar, ), Graphs (Line X-Y graphs), Caselet Based Data, Data Analysis & Data Comparison.

How To Prepare for CLAT Elementary Mathematics 2021

Mathematics Numerical Ability seems complicated for every student. But it is not; students can easily solve this section with proper tricks, tips and concepts. Refer to the points below to know how to prepare for the Elementary Mathematics syllabus for CLAT.

  • Preparing for the Elementary Mathematics section, it is necessary to strategize a plan that works the best.
  • Make a proper strategy with a topic-wise timetable with the Maths syllabus.
  • Applicants can prepare for the CLAT Elementary Mathematics section from the 10th and 12th standard books.
  • Students can purchase reliable study material from our CLAT Coaching institute.
  • Do practice for the CLAT Mock Test series available on our website as much as possible.
  • To score well in the exam, aspirants should understand the importance of proper preparation.

How to Score Good Marks in CLAT Maths?

Maths section in CLAT holds a weightage of 20 marks, and the level of the questions would be that of an elementary standard.

  • The first step is to make your basics very clear.
  • Identify the topics and start with the concepts you already have an idea about.
  • Memorize tables, squares and cubes. This will help in both the Logical and Maths section. 
  • Practice important formulas on a daily basis and learn them thoroughly. 
  • Attempt a sufficient number of previous year papers to enhance your speed and boost your confidence.
  • You can achieve full marks from this section with the right amount of practice.
  • Jump to the next question if you feel that the question is tricky and time-consuming.
  • There is a time limit on the exam. Therefore, time management is of utmost importance.
  • Try to avoid guesswork if you are not sure about an answer as it will fetch you negative marking.

Can You Crack CLAT Without Maths?

The Mathematics section consists of 20 Marks, and so students can think of dropping it. But, Elementary Mathematics can be covered in a few weeks of practice. This will ensure full section coverage plus, it will help in improving overall scoring as well. Maths section in CLAT is really important.

One can obviously crack CLAT if the other sections outshine this section or it is beyond the cut-off range. But, leaving a section is a risk that no one prefers to take. It would be a high-risk to leave out a section that gives you the leverage of 100% accuracy. So, give your time and practice this section.

Key Points to Remember

This section of CLAT 2021 will have a passage of 450 words with MCQs related to it.

  1. Practice Makes a Man Perfect. Make a goal to solve 30 questions of a topic daily. By regular practice, students will learn the concept and would be able to solve most of the problems within a minute till the end of their preparation.
  2. Follow a strategy, practice mock tests and analyze them regularly, which is an important part of CLAT Mathematics. The continuous practice also helps to get an idea about the type and level of questions. 
  3. While practicing, evaluate yourself regularly. Self-evaluation will help the aspirants to identify their weak and strong areas. 
  4. Solve CLAT sample papers to manage the time in the Elementary Mathematics section as time management is very important in competitive exams.
  5. Prepare a sheet of the formulas and stick it in your room so you can revise daily.
  6. In Elementary Mathematics, Partnerships and Discounts topics can be easily covered with the help of 10th and 12th Standard Notes.
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