The Feeling of Cracking the CLAT exam

How does one feel after cracking the CLAT exam? What happens when you are all set to start your law graduation at an NLU (National Law University) with the feeling, “Yes, I have done it!”

We all are aware that the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the most difficult law entrance exam in India. To clear this exam, the students go through a lot of challenges, live and breathe the dream of graduating from top NLUs in the country, avoiding several favourite hobbies and passions, and sticking to the CLAT study material for months. And one day, when your friends, family members, or mentors call to inform you, or you check the result to find out that you have cracked it. 

The feeling of cracking this dream exam is tough to describe in words. It doesn’t happen with overnight efforts. One cracks exam because they set out to do it, a goal for which they gave in all their efforts to achieve. 

Crack CLAT

CLAT Difficulty Level and Competition

The main factor that contributes to making the CLAT exam highly competitive is that more than three lac students apply for it every year. The number of seats remains limited. For instance, for the CLAT exam 2022, the ratio of applicants and seats is 57:1. This means there is only one seat per 57 students. 

To shortlist the students, the Consortium of NLUs that conducts the law entrance exam keeps the paper pattern and questions tough. It is not an test exam to crack with a few weeks of effort. For those wondering how to clear CLAT, you need to create a smart preparation strategy, enrol in CLAT coaching, choose the best CLAT preparation books, practice numerous mock tests, work on your English comprehension skills, and solve several previous years question papers. 

Many students choose to drop a year or two after their school education to prepare and crack CLAT exam. These things show that it is not another exam that every other candidate can pass and get admission to an NLU. 

The subjects in the CLAT exam include English, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques, and Current Affairs and GK

The number of questions asked in CLAT is 150. Candidates need to answer them within 120 minutes. This means that you get less than a minute for every question. Accuracy matters a lot for a high score because you can’t afford to answer incorrectly in a hurry. That’s where the role of time management skills come into play. 

Along with preparing for all the topics, you also need to learn some other skills like time management. These skills can be learned by practising as many mock tests as possible, solving previous year papers, and analyzing the results after every mock test. It also helps in testing the level of CLAT preparation and understanding the pattern of the law entrance exam

The Current Affairs section plays a huge role in cracking the exam because this section is something that needs your efforts till the date of the exam. Generally, the questions are asked from the time frame of one year before the exam till the date of the exam. For this, the law aspirants need to read the newspapers and go through online media portals on a regular basis.

Whereas, many candidates struggle with the English section because it tests their reading and comprehension skills. For the Hindi Medium students, it becomes a bigger challenge. Regardless of the medium of language, one needs to read English newspapers daily (especially the editorial section) to improve reading skills, vocabulary, and understand the context of the content. Reading speed also matters because you get limited time to read and answer the questions to comprehensive passage-based questions.

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Reasons to be Happy and Delighted

The main reason behind the happiness and joy of the students who crack CLAT is that they dream of graduating from an NLU or other top law colleges in India. It is a significant step towards starting a great career in the field of law. Students who graduate from NLUs find plenty of opportunities, like better placement offers, job preference, moot court facilities, learn in a competitive environment, better internship opportunities, and finally have a bright law career. 

Wrapping Up:

At Law Prep Tutorial, we have assisted and trained several students to prepare for the CLAT exam and crack it. We talk to our toppers and share their strategies with our other students as well. Our aim is to train and coach as many law aspirants as we can to crack their dream law entrance exam and have a bright future. 

Are you someone who cracked the CLAT? Please share how it felt when you heard the good news.

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