5 Best Career Options for Law Graduates in India

Law as a career option offers a plethora of avenues for students to explore and conquer. Traditionally law students were expected to practice litigation after completing graduation. However, with time the career opportunities in law have increased, which has motivated youngsters to choose law as a career option in India. For every person who is proficient in communication and has exceptional analytical and logical skills – the legal sphere is the place to be. To make it simpler for law graduates in deciding which career path to take, we will discuss the best career options in law. 

Career Options After Law 


Litigation involves the process of representing clients in court. They handle a multitude of matters ranging from civil, criminal, and commercial cases. But before you can practice on the court, you must first meet certain prerequisites. The requirements are – an LL.B. degree, the ‘Certificate of Practice’ obtained after appearing in the All India Bar Exam, and membership in the Bar Council of the state where you wish to practice. This process will make you an “advocate”! However, at the start of their careers, litigators have to learn under the senior lawyers. Thus, their salary at the learning stage is not very lucrative and can range from Rs 15 – 20,000 per month, but it might rise with the level of experience.

Law Firm 

A law firm is another way to enter the field of litigation. A law firm is a partnership firm that hires legal professionals to represent clients. A law firm might either specialize in one area of practice or practice in different fields. 

Nowadays, law undergraduates intern under one law firm over a period of internship breaks, with the law company finally offering them pre-placement offers (PPO). This is a win-win situation for both parties because the law firm hires a person who is well acquainted with the firm’s operations and expectations, and the graduate gets the pre-placement offer. The law graduates can either undertake legal research, drafting, and paperwork in a law office or represent a client in court. 

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Corporate Lawyer

Every business organization or law firm engages in day-to-day operations in which legal intricacies are involved. Be it the formulation of a contract, or advice on the legal implications of any activity, the advice of a legal professional is always required. 

Working in a corporate office involves creating contracts, negotiations, advising on matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, insolvency, ensuring corporate compliances, etc.

One must search for a vacancy in a company’s legal department and then apply accordingly. This is mostly done by going to the official website of a company and emailing the application documents to the company’s HR Manager.


Journalism is one more career option for law graduates, as legal school helps you develop your communication, writing, and research skills. These skills are crucial in the world of journalism. Furthermore, you will always have an advantage in reporting law-related matters. 

Lawyers planning to make a career in Journalism and media will have an advantage over others as a lawyer possesses all of the distinguishing characteristics of a skilled journalist. From great communication to argumentative skills to critical thinking, a lawyer has it all. 

Lawyers can also be experts in politics and crime journalism as they have a great understanding of the Indian Constitution and the Indian Penal Code.

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Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officer 

The Indian Army’s JAG officer is the Major who serves as the army’s legal and judicial chief. A JAG officer helps the presiding officers of the court-martial in interpreting and applying military legislation or policies.

The requirements for the JAG officer post are as follows:

  • Indian nationality
  • Minimum 55% in LL.B.
  • Age between 21-27 years
  • Eligible for the registration in Bar Council of India or State Bar Council

Applicants need to apply online if there is a call for a recruitment process. Then the candidates will be shortlisted, who will have to undergo two psychological aptitude tests (interviews) and a medical fitness test conducted at the designated test centers all across India.


These were some of the career options in law that any law graduate can choose to explore. But graduating with an LLB degree is one of the primary steps toward a successful profession. Before you embark on your journey, thoroughly research the possibilities and make an informed decision.

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