CLAT English Preparation Tips 2022

The Common Law Admission Test is the single most crucial entrance exam in the country to guarantee students a bright career in law. It is a national entrance examination for undergraduate and postgraduate law courses, and a consortium of National Law Universities conducts the exam. 

The structure of the exam is pretty straightforward. There are a total of 150 questions. Approximately 28-32 questions are asked from the English Section. It is vital to understand the type of questions and focus on important factors like vocabulary and grammar skills to ace the English Section. With a few critical CLAT English Tips in mind, candidates can easily crack this section.

CLAT English Preparation Tips 2022

Here are some valuable tips to prepare for the CLAT English section. First, before diving deep into it, let us understand the types of questions asked in the CLAT English section. The questions are primarily based on your knowledge of words, grammar skills, capability to read and write English correctly, and comprehension of the meanings of English words. 

To score excellently in the CLAT English section, candidates can follow these straightforward English tips for CLAT:

Develop Your Practice of Reading 

Reading habit is inevitable in CLAT. Candidates must read the questions correctly and decode their meaning in English and other sections. Most of the questions asked in CLAT are passage-based or comprehension types of questions. How well you can read and how well you can understand the meaning matters a lot. Develop the habit of meaningful reading and understand the passage well. One of the vital things to focus on is reading speed. 


If there is one sub-section in the English section of CLAT that will give you a hard time scoring well, it is the grammar section. To ace this particular area, you need to have clear concepts of the basics of English grammar. If you are weak in grammar, start with the junior classes’ books. Another crucial aspect to focus on is that – spoken and written English have different grammar rules. You cannot get confused between the two. Also, the options provided are so close to each other that it gets increasingly tough to choose any one out of them. 


You need to build your vocabulary since, in CLAT, you will often encounter difficult words that are not commonly used in our everyday life while speaking or writing. It is vital to know their meaning to understand the relevance of the context they are used in. Thus, it is crucial that you understand the importance of strengthening your vocabulary. A dictionary and a thesaurus are the two most crucial tools one can use to build vocabulary. Make it a practice to read more from various sources, such as newspapers, journals, and magazines. Such sources can contribute positively to building up your vocabulary.

Quick CLAT Preparation Tips 

So here are the top study tips to enhance your CLAT English preparation:

  • Emphasize learning the grammar basics. During the exams, simple exercises like voice change can also seem mind-boggling if you do not have clear concepts of the basics.
  • Jot down every time you learn some new words. But, keep on revising the old words as well.
  • Try to write every sentence grammatically correct. Grammar plays a crucial role in this section.
  • Increase your reading speed.
  • Practice as many previous year papers and mock test questions as possible. 
  • Take the help of a timer every time you read a passage or solve any mock test paper. This shall help to sharpen your time management skills.
  • If you want some help, you can choose a mentor. This could be an online source or anyone in person who has experience of appearing in the CLAT exam. 

Why Do You Need CLAT Coaching?

A reputed CLAT coaching center will help you work on all the skills needed to perform well in the exam. Under the guidance of reputed expert professionals, you shall be able to understand concepts better and get a complete overview of the exam. CLAT coaching can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your skills. Also, opt for the regularly scheduled mock test series to evaluate your performance and growth. With the help of effective CLAT preparation tips from these experts, you can boost your CLAT scores.

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