CLAT Maths Preparation Tips 2022

If you aim to clear the CLAT entrance exam, you must pay adequate attention to the Math section. Maths is a significant section that can determine the success and failure of a candidate in CLAT. Many students dislike this section or are anxious about it. Math questions typically asked in CLAT are challenging to solve and not relatively easy to understand. However, if you adhere to particular smart Maths Preparation Tips for CLAT, solving the problems will become more straightforward and hassle-free. 

Before getting into the CLAT preparation tips 2022,  let us first understand a few basic things. 

  • First, there has been a significant change in the question pattern of the Maths section since last year, and it has been introduced by the Consortium of the National Law Universities (NLUs). 
  • The change is that – Initially, the maths section of CLAT was used to test candidates on elementary as well as higher standard concepts of mathematics. However, according to the new paper pattern. The questions are mainly asked from the Elementary Maths Topics. Elementary Topics refer to the concepts students learn until they are in class 10. 

These are the important topics in the CLAT Maths Syllabus:

ArithmeticMensurationModern MathsCommercial MathsData Interpretation
Number System


Time and Work


Ratio and Proportion











Simple InterestCompound Interest


Profit and Loss






CLAT Maths Preparation Tips 2022

Here are some quick tips for you:

Clear Your Basic Concepts

The fundamental key to success in CLAT’s Maths section is clearly understanding the basic concepts. You cannot rote learn the maths formulas and get along with the CLAT maths section. You have to dive deeper. Therefore, it is essential to take adequate time out for preparation. If you have good pre-existing knowledge about certain concepts, it will be an additional benefit.

Start to Adjust to the Time Crunch

Solving the maths section consumes time. Practicing previous year’s papers and mock test papers will improve your time management skills and prepare you for the actual exam. Pick up a few sums, and set the timer. During the initial days of preparation, you might find it difficult, but smart Maths Preparation Tips like using an alarm stopwatch will help. Restrict yourself from completing any leftover problems once the time is over. Keep on doing this repeatedly, almost every day, to build the habit of completing problems within time. 

Identify Your Strengths and Weakness

It is crucial to analyze the particular topics that you are good at and those that you cannot perform well in. Pay more attention to the second category. Also, do not try to skip any topic because prediction does not work for the CLAT maths section. So, it is better to stay prepared with everything. Apart from solving problems daily, you may also assign time to clear the concepts you are not good at.

Emphasize Eliminating

This is one of the golden strategies for the maths section. Usually, the CLAT exam is MCQ type, which means for every question, you shall receive four options for every question, out of which you need to choose the correct one. If you have the proper knowledge of a particular topic, you can quickly identify at a glance which option can never be the correct answer. Even before you start to solve, eliminate that option from the list. This is one of the best CLAT Maths Preparation Tips 2022 that you can apply to save time and effort. 

Practise Being Accurate

You have to learn to be accurate in your answers in the Maths section. Remember that you will invite negative marking for wrong answers and lose a lot of marks. So, you should not use guesswork to answer questions you are not sure of.

Why Do You Need CLAT Coaching?

To ace the CLAT examination, you have to perform satisfactorily in the Maths section. Enroll yourselves for CLAT coaching to avail the best CLAT Maths tips from expert faculty. Under the guidance of proficient teachers, you can build your concepts and improve your performance. Opt for frequent mock tests to season yourself for performing the best during the exams. By creating a systematic preparation strategy and following it dedicatedly, you can score well in the Maths section in CLAT.

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