Critical Reasoning Questions for CLAT 2023

Out of the many sections included in CLAT 2023, one major division is Logical Reasoning. There are two reasons why this section is of utmost importance for CLAT 2023. First, it carries a significant weightage of marks, and second, candidates have a scope to score ample marks in this section and boost up their total marks. In the section for logical reasoning in the CLAT exam, there are usually two sub-sections – Critical Reasoning and Logical Thinking. The total number of questions in the Logical Reasoning section is 28-32. Out of these, almost 15 Critical Reasoning Questions are asked. 

Critical Reasoning Questions for CLAT 2023 – Different Types

There are multiple types of critical reasoning questions that are asked in the CLAT exam. These are some of the sub types:

  • Statement & Argument 

A statement will be provided, and options for arguments to justify the statement will be given. Candidates have to choose the most appropriate argument to prove the statement.

  • Statement & Assumption 

 Quite similar to the previous type, a statement will be put forth as the question, and assumption options will be provided. Candidates have to choose the correct assumption for the statement. 

  • Statement & Conclusion 

A factual situation will be provided as a statement. Answer options will consist of various conclusions that can be drawn from the statement. Candidates have to choose the most appropriate conclusion. 

  • Statement & Course of Action

A problem statement shall be provided as a question. A list of actions will be provided as answer options. Candidates have to choose the most appropriate and feasible action that would help solve the problem described in the question. 

Other than these primary types, some secondary types of critical reasoning questions for CLAT are:

  • Weakening and Strengthening Argument Type
  • Find the flaw in the argument Type
  • Paradox Type of Questions
  • Evaluation Type of Questions 

Sample Critical Reasoning Questions for CLAT

Question: Presume that all the highways put forth the restriction that only cars and trucks, which have a capacity lesser than 8 tons, will be allowed to run over them. Most of the vehicles would not be able to run through the highways. With the significant reduction in the traffic on the highways through this rule, there would be lesser chances of collisions and accidents happening on the highway. Choose the most suitable assumption for the conclusion provided in the passage.

  1. Many roads outside the highways are not appropriate to handle so much traffic.
  2. Most of the vehicles that currently run on the highway have a capacity higher than 8 tons.
  3. The roads that are not a part of the highway are equally convenient for vehicles to run on them.
  4. The risk of accidents and collisions is greater for cars than for trucks.

Tips to Solve CLAT Logical Reasoning Questions 

Go through these useful tips for performing well in the CLAT logical reasoning questions:

  • Read the questions thoroughly. This is the major tip to perform well in the logical reasoning section. Almost every clue that you need to solve the question is hidden in the question. Hence, understanding the question will help to choose the best answer.
  • Try to spot the differences among the answer options. The answer options provided for the logical reasoning questions are very close to each other. However, they bear very minute yet significant differences. To choose the most appropriate answer, it is important to understand which answer is the best fit. 
  • Understand the tone and theme of the passage. Try to determine whether it is a problem statement or if it calls for some actions. This will help to find the option that is the best. 

Do You Need a Coaching for CLAT?

CLAT is an extremely important step for your law career. It is the gateway to entering your dream law institution. Lakhs of aspirants across the country appear for this examination. Hence, your marks need to be more than the cutoff and satisfactorily high at the same time. To ace critical reasoning for CLAT, you need consistent guidance from expert faculty who will help you tackle the challenges of CLAT smoothly. By enrolling in reputed institutions for CLAT preparation, you will be able to avail the best guidance and well-organized study materials and attempt mock test series. Each component is critical for your CLAT preparation and will help you to ace CLAT on the first attempt. 

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