How To Overcome Exam Stress During CLAT Preparation?

Students are often stressed about competitive exam preparation. And writing the CLAT exam is no different from writing any other exams. Sure that the odds might seem stacked against you, like your vast syllabus or the pile of books on your desk. But in this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how to get rid of exam stress. 

Know What You’re Stressed About 

Recognizing your stress is the primary step in staying away from stress at all. Find out what worries you and try to find the solution to that problem. If there isn’t much to be concerned about, stop overthinking. You can also give twists to your daily routine, start your day with the rising sun in calmness, and exercise a little to keep your mind fresh. Also, try to spend the rest of your hours with people who motivate you and destress you. 

Before starting your CLAT preparation, prepare a schedule. Start with basics first and then move on to the tougher questions. Take sufficient breaks while studying and give rest to your body. You can do anything you like, meditate or relax your body during the breaks. 

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Polish Your Syllabus 

It is crucial for you to revise your syllabus regularly and strike a balance between all the subjects. For CLAT English Subject, you must read a newspaper every day, which will also enhance your General Knowledge. For the Legal Aptitude section, focus on important facts and amendments, and clear your basics and solve multiple questions to practice the Logical Reasoning section. Learn short tricks to QT, so you solve the questions timely. Keep track of the daily news through reading newspapers and articles and watching good news channels.  

Make sure you’re updated with your syllabus and working every day to complete it. CLAT Mock tests are a great way to expose yourself to various kinds of questions and prepare you better.

Live Healthy Lifestyle

Eat healthy and have a proper sleep schedule. Also, make sure not to overuse digital devices as they can withdraw your concentration. Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself if on some days you’re not moving according to your plan. You can make a list of important things you accomplished every day, no matter how big or small. These things will keep you motivated at any given moment. Balance your studies and your diet to stay away from stress. 

Examine Yourself

Nothing can prepare you better than trying out mock tests and solving previous year’s question papers. This will give you a broad perspective of the type of questions asked in the exam and their difficulty levels. It will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly. Understanding your weaknesses will give you an edge over your competitors. 

Law Prep mock test series are designed as per the latest CLAT exam pattern and will give you a deep understanding of the CLAT exam. The mock test series will also help you strategize your preparation and simultaneously improve your speed and accuracy.

Relax Your Body and Mind 

Stress levels are high when you see the CLAT exam appearing, but to keep your mind and body relaxed; you need to practice meditation for a few minutes every day. You can continue pursuing any hobby you like; sketching or drawing can be a great activity to reduce worry and stimulate your creativity. You can weave your thoughts into writing in your free time or read a book. You can also talk to people or watch something online to freshen up. 

Your body needs your love and care to work efficiently, which often gets ignored in the hustle and bustle of exam preparation. Eating and sleeping on time and relaxing for sufficient hours will calm your body and spirit. 

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The D-Day Arrives 

When the time comes to face the examination, you have to follow similar techniques mentioned above to stay calm. Everyone around would be busy refreshing their memories and grasping new things at the last moment, but you don’t have to fear your mind. Instead, you have to take deeper breaths to calm your mind and heart down. Don’t have any expectations to avoid any unnecessary pressure. Staying calm on your exam day is more important than anything else.  

Be comfortable so you can tackle any surprising moments at ease. Your state of mind matters the most at these times, so you don’t become a victim of pressure. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and face the paper. 

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