How to Attempt Lengthy Passages in CLAT?

Lengthy passages in CLAT are a part of its exam pattern, and practicing comprehension passages is the only key to success in the CLAT exam. All the sections except Quantitative Techniques have passages of around 400-450 words which students are required to solve in the given time period. Therefore, to complete the paper timely, you need to develop the required skills. We have discussed some tips and tricks on how to solve lengthy passages in CLAT in this article for the students to follow them and master the required skills. 

Essential Tips to Solve Lengthy Passages in CLAT

Find the Central Idea 

  • In the first five lines of the passage, you should be able to figure out what topic the passage is about. 
  • It is necessary to know the core knowledge of the passage and determine which category it belongs to.
  • This is beneficial because while solving the answers, it becomes easy to eliminate the possibilities that do not match the subject of the passage. 

Logical Structure 

  • Questions framed on the reading passages necessitate a thorough grasp of the passage. Hence, always pay attention to how particular words influence the flow of the passage. 
  • Furthermore, questions like, “What title suits best for the passage?” are easier to answer if you have a general understanding of the passage structure. 

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The Tone of the Passage

  • To begin with, identify whether the author’s words have a positive or negative connotation. 
  • Look for the terms that are descriptive.
  • Learn about various tones like Opinionated, Acerbic, Dogmatic, Optimistic, Witty, Grandiose, Introspective, etc. These are some of the most typical tones, and questions are asked on them. Authors also sometimes use neutral or a mix of tones. So study about the tones of the passage. 


  • Practice is an important key for improving your grades. 
  • Practicing reading comprehensions regularly will enhance your speed, accuracy, vocabulary, and everything else. 
  • Keep track of time while solving a comprehension. 
  • Focus on areas such as vocabulary and tones of the passage. 
  • While reading, comprehend simultaneously and read will full concentration. 

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  • Develop a habit of summarizing a passage as soon as you finish reading it, so you know the gist of it. 
  • Remember it’s okay to develop your own way of solving a comprehension. The aim is to score the maximum marks and to solve it in the least time possible. 

Improve Your Reading Speed

  • CLAT is a time-based exam; hence it is crucial to be able to read comprehension within the allotted time. 
  • Keep track of how long it takes you to complete each reading comprehension. 
  • A medium-difficulty level passage should take 6-7 minutes to complete. 
  • Experiment with different types of passage while practicing, such as long, short, descriptive, informative, etc. Practice reading on topics which you are not familiar with. 

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Improve Vocabulary

  • Learn new words every day and use them in your daily language.
  • While reading passages, list down the tough words and note down their meaning, synonyms and antonyms.  

Use a Pen While Reading

Do not read the reading comprehension like a novel. While going through the passage, your eyes, hands, and brains should be in coordination. Make a habit of finding valuable keywords and underlining them. So while searching for the answer, you don’t have to go through unnecessary information. 

Don’t Draw Conclusions On Outside Knowledge

Do not make conclusions that are not in the comprehension. Even if you are well aware of the topic mentioned in the passage, you should not bring your own knowledge into the answers. Just stick to the information provided in the comprehension.

Never Lose Confidence

While reading the passage, even if you can’t understand it, don’t let any thought of discouragement enter your mind. Instead, motivate yourself and re-read the passage again. 

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Learn What’s Best For You

Practicing is also important because you can form your strategies after cracking what works best for you. The strategies mentioned here are not hard and fast rules; you can alter them as per your need because you are your own judge. 

The Last Word

We hope these tips helped you prepare for the long and descriptive passages. Follow them, and we are sure you’ll score good marks in the exam. 

All the Best!

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