Time Management Tips for CLAT preparation

Time Management Tips for CLAT 2023 is an intense test, yet it may be beaten with excellent time management. Failure in CLAT is generally because of an absence of viable time management tips. Candidates should be ready with an effective time management strategy. It’s not a joke to answer a bunch of 150 questions in under two hours. 

A pre-essential for CLAT is the utilization of time management strategies. CLAT represents the Common Law Admission Test, held by the Consortium of NLUs for candidates to gain admission to undergraduate and postgraduate law programs at India’s National Law Universities

This exam is very competitive, and to manage the competitiveness and end up as the ranker, people should give their best foot forward in the test. Read further to get the best Time Management Tips for CLAT preparation.

Time Management Tips for CLAT 2023

Below are listed some of the best time management tips that you can use to prepare for the CLAT 2023 exam and crack it on the first attempt;

1. Assign Time for Each Section

It’s the most important step toward taking advantage of your time on the CLAT test. Assign a fixed time for every one of the sections – the timetable changes based on your capacities and shortcomings. Subject matter experts have suggested this as a great strategy to attempt the CLAT paper.

Candidates taking the CLAT should start with the GK section, then English, Legal, Reasoning, and QA. Aspirants should be engaged and speedy. Attempt to save however much time as could reasonably be expected to resolve the excess questions that have been marked for review.

2. Pre–decide the Time for Each Question.

This appears to be an effective strategy. Aspirants should designate time for every question in each portion of this part. This will help the candidate identify the types of questions they can address rapidly and precisely. 

Focus on addressing the more straightforward questions. In the Reasoning section, you’ll track down arguments, series, and different ideas. In Maths, allot time for percentages and averages. The best time management approach for CLAT is digging through the question paper.

3. Avoid Distractions

Candidates are habitually distracted somehow. A  distraction could be anything that attracts your attention and makes you lose focus.

A disappointed invigilator, a candidate sitting close to you in the test, or his terrifying look after seeing a few peculiar questions could all be the source of distraction. During the examination, such distractions eat up somewhere around ten minutes. These valuable minutes might have been utilized to settle a few unanswered questions.

4. Skip Unknown Questions

During the exam, consistency counts. It just requires two seconds to decide if you can accurately respond to the question. 

Try not to get excessively appended to your preferred subjects. Complete it and proceed to the following. So, don’t waste your time on the questions that you can’t solve or don’t know anything about them.

5. Read Carefully in the First Time

You can’t afford to comprehend the question again and again. Read it thoroughly once, and stay away from distractions and responses to what’s happening around you. Any slight change in concentration can affect your performance.

Therefore, remaining intellectually present consistently is basic. While perusing the questions, give close consideration. To deal with your time on the CLAT, ensure you comprehend what is being asked on the first read.

6. Practice Online to Save Time

We’ve all heard the expression that careful practice brings about promising results. Tragically, we don’t practice what we educate. Revision and taking exams from the manuals aren’t the main ways of practicing. 

The main viewpoint is to take CLAT exams online to get the real exam feel. Take part in online exams, and practice a good test series to strengthen your preparation and foster a compelling time management approach for the CLAT.


The CLAT 2023 exam is nearby, and every candidate looking to appear in the exam must keep themselves prepared with effective time management strategies to crack the exam. Good time management skills are essential for every candidate. You can use the time Management tips for CLAT mentioned above to improve your CLAT preparation and ace the exam in one go.

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