Why NLUs Are Worth The Hard Work? Studying Law at NLU

Law has become one of the most sought fields for seeking higher education in India. Students from all over the country nowadays enroll in law entrance coaching or CLAT online classe (because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns) to be able to find the best NLUs. 

When it comes to choosing colleges for law, the National Law Universities (NLUs) are the first priority of students. It is because of the reputation the university holds, government infrastructure, and career opportunities after college. 

NLUs are the dream of many law aspirants. To get admission into NLU colleges, students put in a lot of hard work, choose the best CLAT preparation books and study material, enrol in CLAT classes, and follow a proper CLAT strategy

Regardless of the hard work put in by the students, many of them fail to crack the CLAT exam and have to take admission to other law colleges in the country. However, many people wonder whether NLUs are worth the hard work required to crack the CLAT exam. 

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Let’s discuss the benefits of a law degree from National Law University and why it is worth your every minute of hard work.

Benefits of Studying Law from National Law University (NLU)

  1. Excellent Placement Offers

The aim of putting in all the hard work into studies is to find a great job or career option eventually. The main benefit of studying at National Law University is that many renowned organizations and brands come to NLU for recruitment and campus drive. When it comes to hiring, these companies give priority to NLU students over non-NLU students. They want to recruit candidates from excellent colleges, and NLUs meet their expectations. 

The type of companies visiting NLU for campus placements includes law firms, corporate firms, foreign law companies, public sector organizations, etc. These companies recruit candidates for various profiles, like legal associates, law consultants, corporate lawyer, trial lawyers, and litigators. 

  1. Job Preference

When law students apply for jobs after graduation, many big companies give preference to hiring NLU students over non-NLU students. Companies consider NLU students more knowledgeable and hard working. Every company wants to recruit the best candidates and from reputed colleges. So, if you are an NLU student, you will find it easier to get your resume shortlisted and find a job. 

  1. Moot Court Facility

There are numerous law colleges in India, but only a few of them provide moot court facilities to the students. Whereas, every National Law University (NLU) has this facility which is very beneficial for students to practice and participate in national and international competitions. 

When students participate in moot courts, they go through training sessions on written appellate advocacy. A team of students is formed to research and create an appellate brief for legal cases. Later, they are trained for oral advocacy from the Supreme Court advocates.

These activities help students to practice and learn written and oral advocacy, as well as developed the skills essential to becoming an excellent lawyer. 

  1. Better Internship Opportunities

Another great thing about NLUs is that the students can start doing internships right from the first semester. The university arranges the curriculum in such a way that students can intern without hampering their regular studies. Depending on the sincerity, the students can do more than 12 internships during their graduation. 

Moreover, it is easier for students to find better internship opportunities because of the NLU brand they carry. When it comes to finding good jobs, nothing beats the in-field experience that comes with internships. 

  1. Competitive Environment

Students are the biggest strength of a college. In NLU, only those students get admission who clear the competitive exams like CLAT and AILET. Out of more than three lac applicants, only a few hundred top merit students are selected. This means that if you are studying in an NLU, you are studying in a highly competitive environment. 

This competitive environment helps students learn better, put in more efforts, and bring out the best for their law careers. 

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Wrapping Up:

The benefits of studying at an NLU college are plenty. The things mentioned above play a vital role in shaping up a bright career for the law aspirants and can’t be ignored. If your question is- “Are NLUs worth the hard work?” Then the answer is- “Definitely, yes.” It does not mean that doing a law degree is not beneficial from other colleges, but NLUs offer more advantages and merits. So, if you are doing law entrance preparation with reliable CLAT classes and courses, keep up the hard work to crack the exam. 

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