An Insight into Life of a Judicial Magistrate in India

The judiciary is the single most crucial factor in bringing equality and justice to society.

Judges are respected in every part of the world. To work in the field of law and order, magistrates are hired at the district level by the state governments and the central government.

With significant responsibilities, judges get tremendous respect, money, and almost every perk that the government has to offer. The magistrate has become the primary designation to be at for every law graduate.

How to Become Judicial Magistrate in India?

Judicial magistrates are hired by the state public service commission or the law service commission through an exam, which are primary bodies for the recruitment of government and public sector employees.

Candidates with any law degree and LLM can apply for the exam while fulfilling the other qualification criteria.

A judicial magistrate in India is appointed for quicker justice in criminal cases which are less severe of nature. Serious cases are often transferred to higher courts.

Though judges are different from the magistrate, magistrates are hired by the exam while judges in the high court and supreme court are hired by the president of India.

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The district magistrate is the chief judicial magistrate in any district. 

A career in judiciary is the top choice of any law graduate because this is a 10 to 5 job with foolproof job security and utmost respect and that too comes with one of the best pay-scale in the field with all attractive perks and allowances.

If any judicial magistrate keeps doing good at entry-level, they can soon be seen as a high court judge or supreme court judge.

Opportunities & Challenges in Life of a Judicial Magistrate 

While the law as a career option in India contains many opportunities but becoming a judge is the dream of every law graduate. It is because of the power and respect that comes with it.

Some judicial magistrates possess a positive ego which helps them grow in the field, while some of them turn aggressive from the respect that they get from their surroundings. 

They say it right, with great power comes great responsibility. So there are some advantages and a few disadvantages to sitting in one of the best positions in the Indian justice system.


  • Very little workload also motivates the magistrate to keep a very good work-life balance. 
  • There is enough help in the session courts because there are several associate clerks to help in the research for the magistrate with every case.
  • The magistrate is considered a high responsibility job by all means. Ultimate respect is received by the individual.
  • They are from the same locality they work at, so they can give enough time to the family.
  • The magistrate is considered one of the most prestigious personnel, and it stands at the top of the list with the likes of UPSC-qualified candidates. 


  • Life as a judicial magistrate in India is not easy as it seems. There is always the pressure of tarnishing the image of the innocent convict by wrong decision.
  • Magistrates make decisions on the grounds of constitution and law, so it is common to not become sensitive while making significant verdicts and decisions.
  • In some cases, judicial magistrates catch feelings with the subject and make verdicts on the basis of that.
  • The magistrate in India is expected to keep their social life a little private and limited. Magistrates should keep the thing in mind that they can’t receive expensive gifts from anybody other than the family.
  • There is always the pressure of tarnishing the image of the innocent convict by wrong decision.
  • Media pressure will be there with every decision. One wrong verdict might ruin the lives of either one from the victim, accused, and in some cases even witnesses.
  • Some serious and heinous crime cases might affect the mental health of the magistrate.

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A Life That Comes with Risks and Responsibilities

The jurisdiction system today became more law and less justice. But to serve justice to society, judicial magistrates are appointed.

The judicial magistrate is the center of attraction because of the position, stature, respect, salary, perks, and other allowances it provides. 

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