MP Judiciary Syllabus 2024 (Latest MP Civil Judge Syllabus)

MP Judiciary Syllabus

Understanding the MP Judiciary Syllabus 2024 is crucial for anyone aiming to excel in the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Exam. 

Hence, let’s dive deep into the MP Civil Judge Syllabus for 2024, providing prospective candidates with a detailed guide to navigate through the extensive topics covered in both the Preliminary and Mains stages of the exam. 
Whether you are a first-time applicant or a returning candidate seeking to improve your performance, knowing what to study is the first step towards effective preparation. As the MP judiciary exam date 2024 approaches, you have to ensure that you know the syllabus and prepare effectively.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the syllabus of MP judiciary exam, from core legal subjects to specific local laws pertinent to Madhya Pradesh, ensuring you have all the tools to prepare strategically and successfully.

Introduction to MP Judiciary Exam

The Madhya Pradesh Judiciary Exam is a competitive examination conducted by the Madhya Pradesh High Court to recruit Civil Judges, an entry-level position in the state judiciary. 

This exam is crucial for law graduates aspiring to enter the judicial services in Madhya Pradesh. It’s designed to assess the candidates’ legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, and understanding of both civil and criminal law as applied in the state.

MP Judiciary Exam Structure

The MP Judiciary Exam is structured in three main stages:

1. Preliminary Exam (Screening Test)

This is the first stage, serving as a filtering mechanism to select candidates for the Mains examination. It consists of objective-type questions covering various law subjects such as the Indian Penal Code, Civil Procedure Code, and Constitution of India, along with general knowledge and computer knowledge. 

This stage is qualifying in nature, and the marks obtained in the prelims are not counted towards the final selection.

2. Mains Exam

This is the descriptive type stage of the exam and is the most significant part of the selection process. It tests a candidate’s in-depth knowledge of the law, their ability to construct logical legal arguments, and their skill in articulating these arguments in written form.

3. Interview

The final stage is the personal interview, which evaluates a candidate’s suitability for a career in the judiciary. It tests the candidates’ general aptitude, demeanor, ethics, and ability to handle pressure. 

The interview also assesses a candidate’s problem-solving skills and their understanding of various socio-legal issues.

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MP Judiciary Syllabus (Prelims)

The syllabus of MP Civil Judge Prelims comprises 150 multiple-choice questions. Each question is valued at one mark, to be completed within a two-hour timeframe. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the subjects and their respective question distribution:

1. Constitution of India

Understand the fundamental principles and provisions of the Indian Constitution, including its preamble, fundamental rights, directive principles, and fundamental duties.

2. Code of Civil Procedure

Familiarize yourself with the procedural laws governing civil cases in India. This involves jurisdiction, pleadings, parties to a suit, and execution of decrees.

3. Code of Criminal Procedure

Learn the procedural laws governing criminal cases in India, including arrest, bail, trial, and sentencing.

4. Indian Evidence Act

Understand the rules of evidence and the admissibility of evidence in Indian courts.

5. General Knowledge

Be aware of national and international events, current affairs, and general awareness topics.

SubjectNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksExam Duration
Constitution of India1010150 Minutes
Code of Civil Procedure, 19081515
Transfer of Property Act, 188277
Specific Relief Act, 196388
Limitation Act, 196366
MP Accommodation Control Act, 196144
MP Land Revenue Code, 195955
Indian Evidence Act, 187255
Indian Penal Code, 18611515
Code of Criminal Procedure, 19731515
Negotiable Instruments Act, 188155
General Knowledge2020
Computer Knowledge1010
English Knowledge1010

Master the key subjects and topics outlined in the MP Civil Judge syllabus to prepare for the examination effectively. 

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MP Judiciary Syllabus (Mains)

The MP Judiciary Mains syllabus for 2024 comprises four papers. Each paper carries 100 marks and is structured in an essay-based format. 

These papers cover a range of topics, including the Code of Civil Procedure,1908, the Indian Evidence Act,1872, the Constitution of India, and Writing skills and Court Practice. Only successful candidates from the preliminary exam will be eligible to appear for the main examination.

1. Civil Law

Delve deeper into substantive laws governing civil disputes, including the Indian Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act, Transfer of Property Act, and Specific Relief Act.

2. Criminal Law

Gain a comprehensive understanding of substantive laws governing criminal offenses, including the Indian Penal Code, The Prevention of Corruption Act, and The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

3. Writing Skills

Develop your writing skills by practicing drafting legal documents such as judgments, pleadings, and affidavits.

4. Paper I: Civil Law & Procedure

Contract Act, 1872100Essay-Based
Limitation Act, 1963
Constitution of India
Specific Relief Act, 1963
Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
Transfer of Property Act, 1882

5. Paper II: Essay & Precise Writing

Precise Writing (Law)100Essay & Precise Writing
Writing on Legal Issues
Writing on Social Issues
Translation (Hindi to English)
Translation (English to Hindi)

6. Paper III: Local, Criminal Law & Procedure

Indian Evidence Act, 1872100Essay-Based
MP Land Revenue Act, 1959
Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
MP Accommodation Control Act, 1961

7. Paper IV: Judgment Writing

Framing of Issues100Judgment Writing
Framing of Charges
Judgment / Order (Civil)
Judgment / Order (Criminal)

Preparation Tips According to MP Judiciary Syllabus 2024

Madhya Pradesh Judiciary exam preparation requires a strategic approach tailored to its specific syllabus and the unique demands of each phase of the exam. 

1. Understand Syllabus in Depth

Begin your preparation by thoroughly reviewing the official MP judiciary syllabus for both the Preliminary and Mains exams. Understanding the breadth and depth of the subjects covered is crucial.

Next, categorize topics based on subjects like Civil Law, Criminal Law, and General Knowledge, and further break them down into core areas and sub-topics.

2. Develop a Structured Study Plan

Create a detailed study timetable that covers all the topics in the MP Judiciary syllabus, allocating more time to challenging subjects or those with a higher weightage in the exam.

Make sure to stick to your study schedule consistently, as regular study sessions are more effective than sporadic cramming.

3. Use the Right Study Materials

Choose authoritative textbooks and commentaries for Civil and Criminal Laws, such as ‘The Code of Civil Procedure’ by C.K. Takwani and ‘The Indian Penal Code’ by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal.

Also, use simplified notes and free MP judiciary preparation resources from reputable coaching institutes like Law Prep Judiciary that are specifically designed for judiciary exams.

4. Emphasize on Legal Provisions and Case Laws

Focus on understanding important legal provisions rather than memorizing them. This helps in applying them correctly under different circumstances.

Furthermore, study landmark judgments and recent case laws to understand how laws are interpreted and applied in real scenarios.

5. Practice Writing Skills

Since the Mains exam involves descriptive writing, practice writing clear, concise, and well-structured answers.

For this, regularly take full-length MP judiciary mock tests for both Prelims and Mains to get accustomed to the exam’s format and time constraints.

6. Focus on Judgment Writing

Write practice judgments and orders, as one of the papers in the Mains exam tests your judgment writing skills. Get feedback on your writing from mentors or peers to improve your clarity and legal reasoning.

7. Update on Current Affairs and Recent Developments

Stay updated with the latest developments in the legal field and general current affairs, especially those relevant to Madhya Pradesh. Subscribe to legal magazines, journals, and daily newspapers. Alternatively, you can check these free resources:

8. Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Keep a balanced lifestyle with proper diet, exercise, and sufficient rest to manage stress effectively. Engage in activities like meditation or yoga to enhance focus and reduce anxiety.

9. Mock Interviews

After clearing the written stages, prepare for the interview by participating in mock interviews organized by coaching centers or with the help of peers. Be prepared to discuss current legal and socio-political issues, especially those affecting Madhya Pradesh.

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Best Books to Cover Madhya Pradesh Judiciary Syllabus

You must go for the following MP Judiciary preparation books, based on the latest syllabus:

SubjectBook Title and Author
Civil Law BooksThe Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 – C.K. Takwani
The Indian Contract Act, 1872 – Avtar Singh
The Limitation Act, 1963 – J.D. Jain
The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 – R.K Sinha
The Specific Relief Act, 1963 – Avtar Singh / Specific Relief Act 1963: Commentary, Case Laws & Bare Act (2023 Edition)
Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 – Avtar Singh
Criminal Law BooksThe Indian Penal Code, 1860 & The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 – Ratanlal & Dhirajlal
The Evidence Act, 1872 – Batuklal
Constitutional Law BooksIntroduction to the Constitution of India – D.D. Basu & The Constitution of India – V.N. Shukla
Local Laws of Madhya PradeshMP Accommodation Control Act, 1961 & MP Land Revenue Code, 1939

Wrapping Up:

Understanding and mastering the MP Judiciary syllabus is fundamental for anyone aspiring to excel in the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Examination. While self-study is important, enrolling in a specialized MP Judiciary coaching program by Law Prep Judiciary significantly enhances your preparation. 

Get expert guidance, structured materials, and comprehensive mock tests designed to address all aspects of the exam effectively. For the best preparation, consider joining Law Prep Judiciary, where you will receive the support and resources needed to navigate through the challenges of the exam and emerge successful.

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