MP Judiciary Previous Year Question Papers (MPCJ Papers)

MP Judiciary Previous Year Question Papers

Preparing for the MP Judiciary exam requires a thorough understanding of the pattern and types of questions asked in the past. One of the most effective ways for your preparation is to practice with MP judiciary previous year papers.

Hence, here, we will understand the importance of MP Judiciary previous year question papers, covering both Preliminary and Mains exams over the last 10+ years. Accessing and practicing these papers is crucial for any aspirant aiming to succeed in the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge Examination. 

We’ll explore how these papers can enhance your preparation, help you gauge the exam’s complexity, and improve your exam strategy to achieve your best performance.

MPCJ Previous Year Papers (PDF)

Following are the MP Civil Judge previous year question papers with free PDF download:

YearExam Type (Pre/Mains)Free PDF
2013MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2014MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2015MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2016PrelimsMPCJ Prelims 2016 Paper
MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2017PrelimsMPCJ Prelims 2017 Paper
MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2018PrelimsMPCJ Prelims 2018 Paper
MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2019 Phase IPrelimsMPCJ Prelims 2019 Paper
MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2019 Phase IIPrelimsMPCJ Prelims 2019 Paper
MainsPaper- I
MainsPaper- II
MainsPaper- III
MainsPaper- IV
2021PrelimsMPCJ Prelims 2021 Paper
MainsPaper 1 and 2
MainsPaper 3
MainsPaper 4 

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MP Judiciary Previous Year Question Papers (Prelims PDF)

Explore our comprehensive collection of MPCJ previous year papers for the Preliminary stage. These PDFs are essential tools for understanding the format, assessing the variety of questions asked, and gauging the level of difficulty you might face in the prelims.

YearPaper PDF
2019 Phase IPDF
2019 Phase IIPDF

MP Judiciary Previous Year Papers (Mains PDF)

Boost your MP judiciary preparation for the mains exam with the past year papers. These documents are crucial for candidates looking to refine their legal writing and analytical skills. 

Each PDF of MP Civil Judge past year paper serves as a valuable resource to practice and master the art of constructing well-thought-out arguments and structuring answers effectively, which are key components of the Mains examination. 

2013 Papers

2014 Papers

2015 Papers

2016 Papers

2017 Papers

2018 Papers

2019 Phase I

2019 Phase II

2021 Papers

Topic Weightage in MP Civil Judge Prelims Past Year Papers

Below are the weightage assigned to different topics in the Madhya Pradesh Judiciary previous year papers:

TopicWeightage (Number of Questions)
IT Act4
English Knowledge10
General Knowledge10
Constitution of India5
Contract Act of 18728
Limitation Act of 19634
Computer Knowledge10
Indian Penal Code 186115
Specific Relief Act of 19636
Indian Evidence Act of 187215
Transfer of Property Act 18827
Code of Civil Procedure 190820
MP Land Revenue Act of 19595
Negotiable Instrument Act 18815
Code of Criminal Procedure 197315
MP Accommodation Control Act of 19615
Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 20003

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Topic Weightage in MPCJ Mains Past Year Papers

For the Mains stage, focus on topics such as Civil Law & Procedure, Writing Skills, Court Practice, Current Legal Affairs, Criminal Law and Procedure, Translation, and Judgement Writing.

The weightage of these topics is as follows:

TopicTotal Marks
Framing of Issues10
Framing of Charges10
Writing on Legal Issues20
Writing on Social Issues20
Summary Writing (Legal)20
Translation (Hindi to English)20
Translation (English to Hindi)20
Judgment / Order (Civil) Writing40
Judgment / Order (Criminal) Writing40

Benefits of Using MP Judiciary Previous Year Papers

The importance of MP Judiciary previous year papers in preparing for the Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge examination cannot be overstated. These papers are an invaluable resource for several key reasons:

1. Familiarity with Exam Format

MPCJ previous year papers provide a clear picture of the exam format and question types. By studying these papers, you can become accustomed to the structure and pacing of both the Preliminary and Mains exams. This familiarity helps reduce exam-day anxiety and increases your confidence.

2. Identification of Key Topics

Analyzing past papers allows you to identify the topics that are most frequently tested. This insight helps you prioritize your studies, focusing more time and energy on areas that are likely to yield the most marks.

3. Understanding Question Complexity and Style

Each judiciary exam can have its unique style and complexity of questions. Through MP civil judge previous year papers, you gain an understanding of how straightforward or complex the questions can be, and how they are typically phrased. 

This understanding can significantly enhance your ability to comprehend and efficiently respond to questions during the actual exam.

4. Effective Practice

Practicing with MPCJ last year papers is one of the most effective ways to prepare. It allows you to apply legal principles and knowledge in an exam-like environment, which is invaluable for learning how to manage your time and approach different types of questions.

5. Benchmarking Performance

By regularly solving these papers under timed conditions, you can track your performance over time. This benchmarking helps you identify improvement areas and adjust your preparation strategy accordingly. 

It also provides a realistic assessment of what score you might expect in the actual exam, helping you set practical goals and strive for continuous improvement.

6. Insights into Evolution of Exam Trends

Sometimes, the focus areas of the judiciary exams evolve. By studying a range of past papers over several years, you can identify any shifts in emphasis or new types of questions that have been introduced. 

This trend analysis can guide your preparation to be more forward-thinking and aligned with the current examination standards.

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How to Use MPCJ Previous Year Papers Effectively?

Effectively using MPCJ (Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge) previous year papers is a strategic approach that can significantly enhance your exam preparation:

1. Start Early

Incorporate MP judiciary previous year papers into your study routine early in your preparation. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the exam format and question types, which is crucial for building a solid foundation in your studying approach.

2. Understand the Exam Pattern

Carefully review the papers to understand the MP judiciary exam pattern, including the distribution of marks, the types of questions asked, and the level of difficulty. This insight helps you customize your preparation to meet the specific demands of the MPCJ exam.

3. Identify Common Topics

As you work through MP judiciary past year papers, take note of recurring themes and topics. Focusing your study on these areas can increase your efficiency because you’re spending time on the most likely subjects to appear in the exam.

4. Timed Practice

Simulate exam conditions by timing yourself while attempting each paper. This practice helps you manage your time effectively during the actual exam, ensuring that you can complete all questions within the allotted time.

5. Analyze Your Performance

After solving the MPCJ previous year paper, thoroughly analyze your answers. Identify your strong and weak areas to focus your further study more effectively. 

Understanding where you frequently make mistakes or struggle to answer quickly can guide you to areas that need more intense review or a different approach.

6. Review Explanations and Solutions

Where available, go through the explanations or model solutions for the papers. This helps in understanding how to approach and solve different types of questions, giving insights into effective answering techniques that earn maximum marks.

7. Revise Regularly

Make revisiting MP judiciary previous year papers a regular part of your revision schedule. Repetition improves recall and helps reinforce learning. Each review can help solidify your knowledge and increase your confidence.

8. Create Mock Tests

Combine questions from various years to create MP judiciary mock tests. This method helps you prepare for a range of potential questions and familiarizes you with switching between different types of legal problems and scenarios efficiently.

9. Discuss With Peers or Mentors

Discussing tricky questions or unfamiliar topics with peers or mentors can provide new perspectives and insights. Group study sessions using previous year papers of MPCJ exam can be particularly beneficial for collaborative learning and idea exchange.

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FAQs About MPCJ Past Year Papers

1. How many years of previous papers should I study?

It is advisable to study at least the last 5-8 years of MPCJ previous papers to get a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern, question trends, and the level of difficulty.

2. How often should I practice with these previous year papers?

Regular practice is key. Aim to solve previous year papers weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your study schedule. As you approach the exam date, increase the frequency to ensure you are comfortable with the format and pacing.

3. What is the best way to use previous year papers for effective preparation?

The best way to use previous year papers is to simulate actual exam conditions. Time yourself while attempting the papers, review your answers critically, and analyze your performance to identify areas for improvement.

4. How can previous year papers help if the syllabus has changed?

Even if the syllabus has undergone changes, previous year papers remain valuable for practice. They help improve your question-solving speed, accuracy, and familiarity with the exam’s style, all of which are crucial irrespective of syllabus updates.

5. Can solving previous year papers improve my time management skills?

Absolutely. Regular practice with these papers helps you gauge the appropriate amount of time to allocate to different sections and types of questions, which is crucial for completing the exam within the allotted time.


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