How to read the newspaper if you are preparing for CLAT?

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the test of one’s overall capabilities and logical aptitude. It tests the student’s aptitude and the power of decision-making in the shortest possible time. Candidates are also tested on other fronts like English, Legal, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. Hence, it is very important for the students to devote equal time to all the subjects. The primary objective of the exam is to test the speed of the candidate, which requires them to read and comprehend quickly. For this, the candidates must develop the habit of reading newspapers, as it will not only help in the General Knowledge section but also increase the comprehension abilities and reading speed of the candidates.

General Benefits of Reading a Newspaper 

  1. Try to cultivate reading habits in your everyday life as it will increase your speed during the exam and complete the exam in the right time with the maximum percentage of correct answers.
  2. Students will get an idea about sentence formation and structure which will help them in solving Comprehensive English, Legal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning as they will have a clear idea about the question asked. 
  3. Improve the Current Affairs and General Knowledge as newspapers provide abundance of knowledge. The primary objective of the newspaper is to get well versed with the current scenario in the country and nationwide. This purpose will be served only if the candidates read the newspaper daily. 
  4. Candidates will get an idea about the important events happening in the world. Good English reputed newspapers will report these events, which are very important for the aspirants to know. The front page of any good newspaper will report these important events from each day. 
  5. Newspapers can increase your confidence as it provides you with abundant knowledge of politics, sports, economy, geography etc. This will not only help the candidate in the exam but also develop their overall personality, which is a must to get admission in any reputed law school. 

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Selective Reading 

It is not advised to read the whole newspaper as it is time-consuming and unnecessary. Students must read the news that has made a major impact on society. It is essential to know about important obituaries, political events, sports event, scientific events, economic events or any major judicial decisions. Generally, the news that appears on the front pages is more important than the news on the last pages as it has a higher significance at the national level. 

Daily Reading 

The basic problem that candidates face is what to read and what to leave. The students who read newspapers daily have a basic idea of the relevant news, but the students who read the newspaper once in a blue moon find it difficult to segregate the news. So, it is advised to cultivate the habit of reading the newspaper daily during the CLAT preparation. As practice makes a man perfect, the more one will read the newspaper, the more he will understand the difference between relevant and irrelevant news from the exam’s perspective. 

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Don’t Miss Out Reading Editorial Page

Every newspaper contains at least one or two pages that are occupied for articles written by highly qualified personnel of different fields on various trending issues. These articles contain the viewpoint of the individual writer on that specific issue. These authors are very much qualified in different fields, and so it becomes important to get their views on current issues. These articles are generally the amalgamation of various thoughts, which helps the candidate form an opinion by looking at things from different angles. Authors use different tones while writing the articles, which will help the candidates to figure out the tone of the article as it is seen that various questions are asked in CLAT exam, which specifically ask about the tone of the author. So the aspirants should cultivate the habit of reading editorial pages on a daily basis. 

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Highlight and Memorize Important Words 

Improving your vocabulary is very important from the examination point of view. The English section carries 40-50% of vocab questions, so you need to learn new words in order to understand the questions appropriately and answer correctly. You can start by learning 20 words daily and using them in your daily language to memorize better. Just 20 words every day can make up to 3500 new words in six months. It will surely help you to tackle vocab-based questions in the exam.

Considering the benefits, students must take this activity seriously while preparing for CLAT 2024

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