Types of Lawyers In India: Work, Tasks, Responsibilities, and Salaries

Who do you visit if you have a legal matter? A lawyer, right? Lawyers possess varied specialities which help in legal procedures. There are various varieties of lawyers in India that everyone should know. Legitimate grievances involving specific people, businesses, groups of companies, or cooperatives must be dealt with during legal practice. 

The phrase “advocate” is officially used in India depending on the Advocacy Act. It’s crucial for the client and the attorney to get along well. It is vital to know that a part of a lawyer’s responsibility is to argue on behalf of the client in court. 

As a mediator, a lawyer must benefit their client. An attorney can serve in this capacity. However, many people are still looking forward to knowing how many types of lawyers are there in India. If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we have compiled a list of types of lawyers in India that you must know. 

How Many Types of Lawyers Are There In India?

In the legal community, citizens, businesses, governments, and others are affected by the substance and practice of the law. It implies that the profession will be diversified in every way. There are five types of lawyers in India according to their practice areas.

1. Tax Lawyers 

Tax lawyers work with individual accounts and thoroughly understand the many tax laws and guidelines. It is vital to know that the attorneys’ primary duty is to assist people and organisations in their continuing legal issues with the IRS. 

However, you must know tax lawyers are one of India’s most prominent types of lawyers. Additionally, it is essential to understand that considering difficulties with taxes, companies also work to maintain compliance with provincial, regional, and national tax regulations for which they require guidance from tax lawyers.

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2. Lawyer of Personal Injury

Lawyers of Personal Injury assist people with their injuries and accidents. It is vital to know that regardless of whether people are on foreign vacations or roaming around, people are constantly tripping and falling. You must know that lawyer for personal injuries works typically entails defending accidents and injury victims. 

Once one gets to fight on behalf of individuals who frequently can’t, this may be a highly fulfilling profession. Many also rely on their family. Therefore being a victim of injuries sustained can aid in bringing justice for these people. However, since they fight matters on a contingency basis and only get paid if they obtain money, attorneys in this sector also assume a certain degree of uncertainty.

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3. Criminal Lawyers 

Many of you must have heard about this type of lawyer in movies and series. Criminal defence attorneys specialise in understanding the nation’s penal code and have a natural method of presenting their cases. Knowing that these lawyers are specifically creating defence plans for people or companies in criminal proceedings is crucial. 

However, you should keep in mind that when it comes to organising their arguments in favour or against criminals in court on issues like abuse, assault, child molestation, child sex abuse, and abduction, these lawyers think beyond the box. 

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4. Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Attorney is one of the different types of lawyers in India who helps people obtain nationality or legal recognition. If you don’t know, claiming nationality and nationality are very difficult. However, Immigration attorneys make it easy by assisting people and their families with managing the criteria to reside, work, or study in the United States. 

It is crucial to know that Immigration lawyers occasionally help refugees and actual refugees. They are used by both employees and employers who are enrolled in job programmes to help obtain legal employability.

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5. Labor & Employment Lawyer  

Labor & Employment lawyers are attorneys hired by several employers, employees and organisations. It is crucial to know that these lawyers professionally handle discrimination, pay and maximum hours, compensation, and pension safety in employment. Additionally, you must understand that the duties of labour lawyers frequently overlap. 

Employment lawyers deal with issues in non-union organisations, while labour lawyers concentrate on collective bargaining interactions and bargain collectively. However, you should hire a labour & employment lawyer if you’re having difficulties with employee contacts and organisations.

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6. Business Attorney (Corporate Lawyer)

Corporate lawyers, sometimes called commercial lawyers, represent organisations in legal matters and ensure that all business ventures comply with all applicable government, regional, and national statutes. 

It is vital to know that the basic legal jobs of corporate lawyers involve liability issues, copyrights, proprietary information, business formation or liquidation, mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations. However, you must know that a corporate lawyer might study the law, draft and amend legal papers, and negotiate deals daily.

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7. Family Lawyer

Many of you know that family law encompasses many topics. However, several individuals believe that family lawyers only deal with issues related to separation, custody of children, and alimony. But it is vital to know that a family lawyer handles any family disputes or family-related concerns, such as paternity, juvenile delinquency cases, adoption and custody, and children’s services. 

They are creating written agreements, preparing agreements or negotiating, advising on their legal choices, settling family conflicts and many other typical duties regarding family. Additionally, you must know that family lawyers may work for charity organisations or in smaller, family law-focused law firms.

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8. Public Interest Lawyer

A Public Interest Lawyer willingly accepts cases where people are willing to fight their public interest. These types of government lawyers work for the government and nonprofit organisations and provide clients with specialised legal services. 

It is vital to know that since public interest lawyers work with nonprofit or international organisations, they only ask for low or no costs from their clients. Public interest lawyers are attorneys that focus on criminal defence, advising offenders who can afford their own legal assistance. 

Additionally, these lawyers engage in nonprofit activities and file class-action suits against giant corporations suspected of negligence that endangers a neighbourhood.

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9. Intellectual Property Lawyer

Lawyers who specialise in intellectual property (IP) defend and protect the rights and works of companies, writers, artists, and scientists. For actual goods like discoveries and immaterial ones like big brands, slogans, or symbols, IP law protects trade secrets by distributing copyright, trademarking, patenting, and other legal means. 

It is vital to know that these lawyers in this area are primarily responsible for three tasks involving advising clients on the best ways to safeguard their copyrights, securing that property through the registration of trademarks, copyrights, or patents and finally, enforcing clients’ intellectual property rights to prevent infringement.

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Types of Lawyers And Salaries in India

In India, lawyers make a respectable living. Assuming that you’ve become aware of the many categories of lawyers, let’s look at the types of lawyers and salaries in India.

Types of Lawyers Salary in India 
Tax Lawyers Rs 12,00,000
Lawyer of Personal InjuryRs 12,29,366
Criminal Lawyers Rs 5,00,000
Immigration LawyersRs 1556740 
Labor & Employment Lawyer  Rs 11,04258
Corporate LawyerRs 7,00,000
Family LawyerRs 5,61,888
Public Interest LawyerRs 9,00,000
Intellectual Property LawyerRs12,00,000

In A Nutshell 

Hopefully, you liked this blog, and now you have an in-depth answer to how many types of lawyers are there in India. It is essential to know that India is a democratic country where you may need help from lawyers anytime. 

Learning about different types of lawyers is necessary for every individual in this country to fight for their rights legally. Additionally, it would help to look for types of lawyers’ careers before choosing one to handle your legal matters. 

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