CLAT Math Syllabus 2022: Important Topics, Books, and Tips

Mathematics is an important section if you want to secure a good rank in the exam, and it is also one of the most scoring sections of the CLAT exam. But many students find it challenging to prepare for this section. To help students prepare better, we’ll discuss important topics, books, and preparation strategies in this article. 

The questions in the Maths section are designed to test your knowledge of Elementary Mathematics, which is based on the 10th and 12th Standard. And with proper techniques and preparation, aspirants can score well in the CLAT exam. To know more, read further. 

CLAT Mathematics Syllabus 2022

The CLAT maths syllabus is based on the fundamental concept of the 10th standard Mathematics. This section will hold 10% weightage, but it is essential to answer the questions carefully and correctly. By securing a good score in this section, you will be able to increase the overall score. The syllabus for the CLAT Maths 2022 is given below: 

  1. Arithmetic- Number System, HCF & LCM, Average, Time & Work, Ratio & Proportion, Simplification, Fractions & Functions, Logarithms & Functions, etc.
  2. Commercial Mathematics- Percentage, Interest, Profit & Loss, Partnership, etc.
  3. Modern Mathematics- Probability, Clocks & Calendar, etc.
  4. Mensuration- Volume, Areas, etc.
  5. Data Interpretation- Data Tables, Data Charts, Bar Diagrams, Charts (Simple, Stacked, Pie Chart, Composite Chart Bar) Graphs (Line X-Y graphs), Data Analysis & Data Comparison, Caselet Based Data

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Some Useful Tips for CLAT Maths Syllabus 2022

  • Memorize the tables, squares, and cubes thoroughly. It will help you in the maths and logical section. 
  • Focus on the variation while solving a math problem with the help of formulas. For example, when the options are in decimals, you’ll have to apply the methods judiciously to get the right answer. 
  • Aspirants are advised not to devote more than 15 minutes to this section, as they have to solve other sections as well.
  • While practicing, try to solve the maths section in the minimum time possible but accurately. 

What Type of Maths Questions Are Asked in The Exam?

The CLAT mathematics section includes short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial, or diagrammatic representations of numerical information, followed by a series of questions. Students are required to derive information from the passages, graphs, or other representations and apply mathematical operations to the given information.

  • Questions will be asked from topics like profit and loss, time & speed, discount, algebra, and more in one passage. 
  • The CLAT maths questions in the exam will also include data interpretation-based questions.

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Important Books for CLAT Maths 2022

Given below is the list of some of the best books to prepare for the Maths section, which will help candidates prepare better with proper guidance:

  • Universal’s Elementary Mathematics (Numeral Ability) by Jain Prateek
  • Mathematics for CLAT & AILET by LAWGICIANS
  • Mathematics for CLAT by Shailesh Kumar
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Magical Book On Quicker Maths by Tyra
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha

CLAT Mathematics Preparation Tips 2022

The first step to prepare for the Maths section is to revise the basics from the 10th NCERT books. This section will consist of 13-17 questions, and to crack them, students must clearly understand the formulas and concepts before diving into the advanced questions.

Here are a few tips that students will find useful while preparing for the exam:

  • Read & Solve: Candidates should read the questions properly and practice them using mathematical equations. 
  • Revise: Students must make sure that they keep revising the topics every now and then and not wait for the syllabus to finish.
  • Focus: Candidates should focus on the question while reading it and not get distracted, as otherwise, they’ll have to reread the question, and it will waste a lot of their time. Careless mistakes can lead to negative marking and cost you the overall score.  
  • Time Management: Candidates should start with the most comfortable section and attempt the easier questions first; doing this will save their time. Time management is essential for this exam as CLAT is time-consuming, and candidates should make sure they practice accordingly.
  • Speed & Accuracy: Candidates should attempt the questions at a good speed, and also while practicing, they must keep track of time. 
  • Practice Questions Papers and Mock tests: Candidates should attempt as many previous year’s question papers and CLAT mock tests as possible. It will help them familiarize themselves with the CLAT exam pattern and the difficulty level of the questions.

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The Last Word 

Stay tuned for more information on the CLAT exam, preparation strategies, and other related information. 

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