Best YouTube Channel for CLAT Preparation

Law Prep Tutorial is the gateway to crack your law exams. It offers offline as well as online coaching for CLAT and also has a YouTube channel to help students prepare for the law exams. The videos on the channel are concept-oriented with a clear explanation of the topics. 

It is the best YouTube channel for CLAT preparation as it consists of videos ranging from preparation tips for the CLAT exam, including other major law exams, to webinars and subject-wise preparation guides. The videos range from 10 minutes to 1 hour based on the syllabus and CLAT topics covered in the video. The video lessons on the YouTube channel have made it easier for the students to learn varied topics extensively at the comfort of their home. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and features of the LPT YouTube channel. 

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Benefits of the LPT YouTube Channel for CLAT Exam Preparation

Some of the key benefits of the LPT YouTube channel are discussed below:


In this digital era, we have marked a shift from offline to online learning as it allows more flexible learning. With the help of YouTube videos, students can learn from anywhere and at any time.

The Law Prep video tutorials will help students access lessons from expert instructors who are specialists in their respective fields. The videos will help you have a comprehensive understanding of every topic. 

Learning at Your Own Pace

It is easy to pause, resume, and replay recorded videos on YouTube multiple times, which is important for students to revise and learn better. In a live classroom, it is easy to get distracted, but you can easily rewind the videos whenever you miss something. 

Recorded videos on the LPT YouTube channel allow students to learn at their own pace. It will benefit slow learners as they can watch complex topics multiple times and grasp them completely. It can also be beneficial for fast learners as they will not have to waste their time and energy learning the same concept again.

No Cost

The best part about learning from a YouTube channel is that a student doesn’t need to spend even a penny to learn. Expect having a stable internet connection and a smartphone no other financial investment goes into learning through YouTube videos. All of this suits a student, because we all know the hole that University tuition fees and buying the best books can make in a student’s pocket. Thus, YouTube is a gold pot of resources available for every student, virtually at no cost at all, making it a lucrative deal for the student to learn and prepare for law exams. 

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Features of the LPT YouTube Channel

The LPT YouTube channel offers various features to serve the law aspirants, some of them are:

Live & Recorded Classes

Regular live classes are conducted by the expert faculties on the Law Prep Tutorial YouTube channel, and the same classes will be available for later viewing so the students can watch these classes again if they wish to revise or have a better understanding of the concept.

In-depth Analysis of Practice Sheets

The practice sheets and mock test papers are thoroughly discussed by the teachers in a separate video session where they explain each question with a detailed explanation. This will help students know where they went wrong, which will help them avoid similar mistakes next time. Answer keys are also shared for the mock tests and practice sheets. 

Abundant Video Material

There are abundant videos available on the Law Prep Tutorial YouTube channel. A separate playlist is available for different topics like Daily Hindi Newspaper Analysis, Current Legal GK series, Quantitative Technique Series, etc., which makes it easier for the students to filter out what they wish to learn. The videos are created by expert professionals from various fields teaching specific topics in a simple and understanding language. From expert tips on how to crack the CLAT exam to in-depth explanations on various topics, our YouTube channel covers it all. 

The Last Word 

Stay tuned on the Law Prep Tutorial YouTube channel for more educational videos on various topics of law entrance exams. 

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