Easy Calculation Techniques for CLAT Exam

If you have to ace the CLAT, there is no way you can do it without the Mathematics Section. It is a high-scoring section of the CLAT exam. A candidate’s expertise in Quantitative Techniques determines whether he/she can qualify for CLAT or not. The mathematics, or the Quant section as popularly termed, is not based only on traditional maths problems. Instead, it includes a plethora of logical reasoning-based questions and questions based on the interpretation of charts and graphs. 

There are two main requirements to perform well in this section : 

  1. Techniques
  2. Speed

There are specific hacks for CLAT Quantitative Techniques that a candidate has to learn and practice to solve this section. Secondly, the candidates have to learn speed maths tricks. That means they have to learn how to do a sum accurately and fast with the help of some special tricks and techniques. 

How to Improve Calculation Tricks for CLAT 2022

Maths is like a game. You need to know the rules and, most notably, the tricks. Otherwise, you will spend hours on it without any fruitful results. Usually, CLAT questions are based on the core maths knowledge of Class X to Class XII. No complex concepts are tested. It is just that the questions are framed in a tricky fashion to test the candidate’s mathematical knowledge and assess a lot of other skills like problem-solving, general aptitude, and speedy data handling skills. 

The initial step to getting started is to understand the concepts clearly. For example, one of the most commonly asked topics in any entrance exam is the “Number System.” There are various types of questions in this section, and there are various tricks and hacks to solve them. 

But before everything, the candidates must have adequate knowledge of the number system, prime and non-prime numbers, what natural numbers are, etc. Then they can use the basic knowledge with some advanced skills and time-saving hacks to solve the number series questions (a prevalent type of Quant Question asked in CLAT). 

We are going to overview two essential Quant Hacks for CLAT today. They are :

  • Digit Sum Method
  • Unit Digit Method

Easy Calculation Technique # 1: Digit Sum Method: CLAT 2022

The digit sum method is also known widely as the add-up method. The most important usability of this method is to check the answers to different types of arithmetical operations like addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. One can also check answers to complex mathematical operations, such as square roots and cube roots. Thus digit sum method can help a candidate in multiple ways. 

This type of question takes very little time to be solved and can fetch full marks if correct. So. if you are targeting this family of sums in the Quant Section of CLAT, you are sure to fetch good marks.

  • Find the Digit Sum of 777

Step 1: Add the 3 digits = 7+7+7 = 21

Step 2: Add the digits of the sum = 2+1 =3 

Therefore, the digit sum of 777 is 3.

  • Find the Digit Sum of 555

Step 1: Add the 3 digits of the given number = 5+5+5 = 15

Step 2: Add the digits of the sum = 1+5 = 6

Therefore, the digit sum of 555 is 6

This is the hack you need to use for calculating digit sums. Hacks like this are unique to a specific genre of problems. You will not be able to quickly solve the question with any other trick.

Pro Tip: When preparing for the Quant section, keep a notebook handy to jot down the fixed hacks used for a particular genre of sums. It will later act as a rule book that will help for revision and quick access while last-minute practice. 

Easy Calculation Technique #2: Unit Digit Method

As the name suggests, in this method, the candidate shall have to focus on the unit digits of the number given to solve the numerical. For example, the unit digit method can be used for almost all mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. However, the solution to divisions cannot be estimated using this method. This fantastic speed maths trick is helpful for Quantitative Techniques in CLAT

Let us now study a few examples in detail

  • Find the Value of 564*1007*65*745*8032

Step 1: Unit Digit Value of 564 is 4 

Step 2: Unit Digit Value of 1007 is 7

Step 3: Unit Digit Value of 65 is 5

Step 4: Unit Digit Value of 745 is 5

Step 5: Unit Digit Value of 8032 is 2

Unit Digit Value of 4*7*5*5*2

Unit Digit Value of 4*7 = 28 = 8

8*5= 40 = 0

0*5 = 0 = 0

0*2 = 0 = 0 

Therefore Unit Digit Value of 564*1007*65*745*8032 is 0

Final Words

These are the two most important tricks that can help you ace many types of Quant Questions in CLAT 2022. For better preparation, join a reputed CLAT coaching. Aso, do not forget to enroll yourselves for Mock Tests. Vigorous and consistent practice coupled with innovative study techniques can help you ace CLAT. 

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