Exclusive Interview with Archita Sharma, CLAT 2021 Topper (AIR 16)

Interview with Archita Sharma

We, at Law Prep Tutorial, had a conversation with the CLAT 2021 topper Archita Sharma, AIR 16, to know her journey and learn from her secret recipe to succeed in the CLAT 2021. 

Law aspirants who aim to crack the law entrance exam must read this interview to know the CLAT preparation strategy followed by the toppers, approach towards specific subjects, number of mock tests to attempt, and much more.

LPT: Congratulations on your performance in CLAT 2021 and securing AIR 16. 

Archita: Thank you so much!

LPT: Tell us when did you decide that you want to appear for CLAT?

Archita: I opted for Humanities in Class 11th, considering that I want to appear for CLAT. I took proper coaching for one year in Class 12th and studied earnestly and diligently. 

LPT: When you started preparing, what was your approach for the subjects?


For General Knowledge

I gave some mocks at the start and realized that my score was pretty low. Then, I focused a lot on reading.

I started reading newspapers regularly. For current affairs, I referred to Pratiyogita Darpan and watched the ‘Newspaper Series’ of Shalu Sir very regularly. I also used to revise and watch Shalu Sir’s videos again and again. Performing these activities regularly helped me a lot, and my General Knowledge improved subsequently. 

I also prepared hand-written notes and referred to law prep materials for GK. Both of them worked wonderfully. Also, I did not study much of static Gk because static GK in CLAT also comes from current affairs. So I focused more on Current Affairs. However, CLAT surprised us by asking static GK this time. 

For Comprehensive English

I used to attend the Sonia Ma’am classes, which helped me complete my Grammar in the starting months. I practiced reading Hindu Editorials by putting a self-timer for 2 hours. My reading was good, but it improved more by reading editorials on self-timer. 

For Legal Reasoning

I completed the modules in the starting by taking the classes regularly. Then, I concentrated more on reading because CLAT is now a comprehensive paper, and only reading more can save you. Towards the end, I focused more on revising the basic laws and modules. 

For Quantitative Techniques

At the start, the classes helped me a lot to complete the course and understand the basics. I also practiced a lot of questions from all the topics in the syllabus. And then, I started practicing by taking sectional mocks. 

For Logical Reasoning

I practiced CR more as I liked it more. I took classes, cleared my concepts, and referred to the book that Smriti Ma’am told us.

I also practiced CR from editorials. While reading, I asked questions such as what is the main idea, what is the assumption, and questions like that. 

LPT: What is the overall number of mocks you appeared for?

Archita: I appeared for around more than 80-90 mocks in one year.

LPT: How much time did you spend on the analysis of the mock?

Archita: My analysis took about 4-5 hours minimum. When I secured low marks in mocks, I used to give more time to analysis.

LPT: While preparing, when did you get to know that you’ll be able to crack NLU Banglore?

Archita: From April, I started securing 110+ marks in my mocks. Even then, I never thought I would crack NLU Bangalore. 

LPT: When something unexpected comes in the paper, how to deal with it?

Archita: In the start, taking mocks was overwhelming for me. But after practice, it made me comfortable. 

In the CLAT exam, while appearing for GK, the first passage was really bad for me. I only knew three questions. But, I did not panic; I thought, let’s move on to other questions, which really helped. 

LPT: Tell us your experience with Law Prep Tutorial?

Archita: Everything was excellent. I referred to Law Prep modules for all the subjects. I appeared for all the mocks that Law Prep provided, and it helped immensely. 

LPT: Did you find questions of a similar pattern in the CLAT from LPT mocks?

Archita: Yes, the Logical Reasoning section in CLAT was all CR, and I had practiced CR from the LPT mocks. My reading ability and LPT mocks helped me a lot to crack the exam. 

LPT: How to cope when the results in mock don’t go as per the expectations?

Archita: In the start, when the mocks were difficult, I used to score a little lower than expected. But, you need to keep in mind that it is just a mock, and you are supposed to learn from it. If the mock is difficult, it is difficult for everyone. So, focus more on practicing, learning, and then taking more mock tests. You’ll do well in a couple of weeks if you’re consistent, don’t worry. 

LPT: What would you suggest to students who are preparing for CLAT 2022?

Archita: Stay updated with the GK, read newspapers; reading is really important. Read with a timer on. Try to complete the editorial in 3-4 minutes. And remember, only practice is the key to success. So, practice more every day. 

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