Exclusive Interview with Deborshi Ghosh, CLAT 2021 Topper (AIR 24)

LPT: When did you decide that you want to appear for CLAT?

Deborshi: I started seriously preparing for the exam in October 2020 after one of my friends did really well in the exam, and I thought if he could do it, even I will.

LPT: What was your approach to prepare for the subjects?


For Reading Comprehension:

My approach for RC from the beginning was to read as much as I could, and I also practiced a lot of passages. Initially, I used to do at least five passages a day.

I had a decent enough English base, but I still did “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis and “Key to English Grammar and Composition” by Wren & Martin, the book and the practice booklet. Even if it feels boring to do Grammar sometimes, it still needs to be done to get a good score. 

For Logical Reasoning:

For Analytical Reasoning, I did RS Agarwal, but only the important things like Puzzle tests, Coding decoding, Blood relations. 

For Critical Reasoning, first, I focused on building my concepts, so I did MK Pandey twice. I also watched a lot of Law prep videos, GMAT videos, and I did as many passages as I could find, which helped me clear my basics.

CR was my weakest section amongst all, and I made silly mistakes while attempting questions. When I started preparing, my lowest score in a CR mock was 9, but then I started analyzing everything. You must acknowledge what you’re doing wrong and search for the correct way to do it. 

For Quantitative Techniques:

In the CLAT exam, I was expecting a lot more graphs and a lot fewer words. But yes, the CLAT surprised us like always. 

Also, while practicing, it is important to remember the mistakes and improve on them. So, towards the end, I did one mock per day, which helped me improve on my mistakes. 

For Legal Reasoning:

During my preparation, I made a habit of reading at least for an hour every day to increase my reading speed. So when you practice reading long passages, you are not daunted by it in the exam, and you are not mentally exhausted while reading it. 

For General Knowledge:

I made month-specific notes and revised them regularly. In the last few days, I focused more on this section, so I don’t forget the important topics in the exam.

LPT: How did you keep going despite not getting right at times?

Deborshi: You have to analyze everything you do. From the mocks you give to assignments and to every practice test you take, you need to analyze everything and ask questions such as where did I go wrong, why did I make that mistake, what was my thinking behind the specific choice, even if the answer is correct. 

LPT: What advice would you give to the aspirants preparing for CLAT 2022?

Deborshi: Hard work is the key to success. But you should also know how to approach an exam in order to clear it. You should know what the examiner expects from you; he wants to see if you can read and comprehend 15 passages in a tough environment or not. So practice reading. 

I used to self-time myself while reading a passage, newspaper, or solving any assignments. 

Also, you need to develop a strategy on what order you will follow in the exam because it differs from person to person. 

When students are preparing on their own, they tend to isolate themselves. But honestly, you don’t need to do that. It would help if you stay connected to the world, so you know what’s happening around you and how others are preparing. 

Even if you prepare through coaching, make friends, talk to them and maintain a healthy competition. This will help you stay in an environment where you know yes, everybody is doing the same thing, making you confident. 

LPT: Were you always sure that you’ll crack NLU Banglore?

Deborshi: I was never sure about anything. But I made sure that I prepare my best and give my best in the exam to give a tough fight to crack an NLU. 

LPT: How did Law Prep help you?

Deborshi: I watched a lot of videos and practiced many mock tests. The mocks of Law Prep Tutorial also helped me a lot because it had lengthy passages which prepared me to face a comprehensive paper. 

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