Exclusive Interview with Prachi Mathur, CLAT 2021 Topper (AIR 12)

LPT: Congratulations to you, Prachi!

Prachi: Thank you so much. I know all the faculties at Law Prep wanted me to succeed, and they were always there for me. 

LPT: When did you think you want to appear for CLAT?

Prachi: I have been considering Law as a viable career option for a long time. And 2-3 years back, I was sure that this is what I want to opt for as a career. 

LPT: What inspired you to choose law as an option?

Prachi: My father is a lawyer, and I have quite a few lawyers in my family, which inspired me to get into the law field. 

LPT: When did you start with your preparation? How did you maintain a balance between boards and CLAT?

Prachi: I enrolled with Law Prep in June 2020. But I was preparing for my boards, pre-boards, and all the exams throughout the year, being consistent with all my assignments, and was preparing for CLAT alongside. I maintained a balance by not skipping on either of these things.

LPT: Did your Humanities stream help you in CLAT as well?

Prachi: Yes, I loved the subjects I chose. My school focused on making us read different things. So I have been reading the newspapers and books on history, politics, sociology even before starting the CLAT Preparation. So yes, it definitely helped a lot.

LPT: How many newspapers did you use to cover?

Prachi: Firstly, I used to be consistent in covering the Hindu everyday. At times I used to refer to other newspapers as well; for example, if there’s an important issue happening around, I would cover it from different newspapers having contrasting viewpoints, which helps develop a perspective and see what people think about the same issue. 

LPT: What was your subject-wise strategy while preparing for CLAT?


Reading Comprehension: 

Firstly, for Vocabulary, my vocabulary was my strength. So I did not have to put in a lot of effort to improve it. At the same time, I tried to be in touch with vocabulary and learn new words here and there. I used to read the newspaper so, whenever I came across a new word, I noted it down. 

Grammar was also my strength, so I did not have to put additional effort into it. I just used to revise it through mocks.

For reading, mocks and newspapers helped a lot.

For Logical Reasoning:

For Critical Reasoning, you are required to read a lot. 

For Analytical Reasoning, I referred to some standard books, the coaching material and was regular with the classes.

For General Knowledge:

I used to note all the important facts from the newspaper and understand the various opinions about it. I also referred to the coaching compendiums in conjunction with the mocks to have a better idea about the questions. 

For Legal Reasoning:

I attended all the CLAT classes sincerely, no matter what, and it helped me clear all my concepts. Also, I religiously referred to all the materials that LPT provided us.

For Quantitative Techniques:

I started with core mathematics, attended all the classes, and brushed up on my core concepts. Then I started practicing questions on DI, sets, and other topics. While taking mocks, I solved the wrong questions twice, so I got used to the pattern of DI. 

LPT: When did you start feeling that you’ll crack NLU Banglore?

Prachi: I was not sure about anything, but I was getting sufficient marks in mocks. I secured 100+ marks in most of the mocks, so I knew I was going in the right direction. 

LPT: Did you refer to anything for GK outside the coaching material?

Prachi: The material provided by Law Prep is more than enough. All the important issues, one-liners, everything is covered in the materials. So don’t go on hoarding materials because it will only create confusion. 

LPT: What must and mustn’t be done while preparing for CLAT?


Must Be Done

  • Read newspapers regularly. The most basic thing every aspirant should focus on.
  • Do not skip classes; you should be thorough with the concepts. 
  • Ask doubts to your mentors or friends. But please ask doubts as this will help to enhance your knowledge. 

Must Not Be Done

  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Do not skip mocks.
LPT: What advice would you give to the aspirants preparing for CLAT 2020?

Prachi: You need to be consistent and practice a lot because CLAT is all about practicing and not rote learning. Be consistent and keep revising everything time and again. 

Do not skip anything as it will not get you anywhere. If nothing, you’ll develop knowledge. So, learn and read it to enhance your knowledge and understand it to improve yourself. Learning new things will not hurt anyone; instead, it will help the students when they go to law school.  

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