How to Prepare for CLAT in 1 Month

CLAT is an intensely tricky examination because it is the primary screening exam for admission to law courses. Undoubtedly it has a vast syllabus, and the questions aim to assess almost every domain needed for law studies. However, if you have prior knowledge about the exam and some basic concepts about CLAT preparation, one month of rigorous preparation can be enough to crack the exam. 

But the question is: How to prepare for CLAT in 30 days. Before we get into a detailed answer for this one, it is essential to focus on the fact that: 30 days for CLAT preparation would need at least 6 hours of daily time investment and an impeccable schedule. Every day will matter in this strict routine, so you cannot afford to lose a single day. So, are you all set for the 30-day CLAT challenge?

How to Prepare for CLAT in One Month?

To make it easier, we shall divide the curriculum schedule into weekly plans, and that will enhance the effectiveness of the schedule.

Week 1: 

  • This week should be dedicated to fundamentals. Understand the syllabus in detail, and scrutinize the topics closely. Target the topics that you will prepare. Now sort the topics into three sections: Ones that you are proficient in, ones that need some revisions and brush up, and those that are utterly unknown to you. 
  • This is the week to devote time to the unknown topics and the ones that need some revision. This week, focus on collecting information from the newspaper and sorting them according to genres.
  • One can also prepare some notes during this time that will help consolidate the concepts. Try to learn around 100 frequently-used words this week.

Week 2

  • This is the time when you should start solving mock test papers. Also, start to follow the previous year’s papers. The significant benefit of doing this is that you can now identify the sections where you need more focus.
  • Candidates can also devote the second week to building practical concepts, especially the business models. This is also an excellent time for English grammar practice. Focus more on the idioms (business), legal terms, proverbs, and root words.
  • Whichever domain you are preparing, do not forget to solve some questions every day after studying. Through this practice method, the candidate can spot their loopholes and work on strengthening them. 
  • Practice solving questions within fixed times. Set timers when doing your practice. It will improve your time management skills and help you perform better in the exam. Check Out the best books for CLAT exam

Week 3: 

  • This is the time when you should start wrapping things up. Many candidates become too anxious during the last two weeks, but that only leads to time loss and more stress, which can affect your performance.
  • Start revising the notes you have already prepared by going through them thoroughly. This is the time during which you should focus on those concepts which you had prepared earlier, and now only some last-minute polishing is required. 
  • Keep on increasing the GK information bank. However strict your schedule be, never compromise on reading newspapers. It is incredibly beneficial for the CLAT exam.

Week 4

  • With only seven days left for CLAT exam preparation, it is common practice among students to panic and spend sleepless nights. But before doing so, understand this simple scientific theory: It is impossible to grasp any new concept during this time. So do not try to mug up or assimilate new facts during the last week. Instead, work on those that you already know.
  • This week should be primarily dedicated to solving CLAT mock test papers and focusing on building time management skills. Work on fundamental maths problems involving core concepts. 

Tips for CLAT Aspirants

Here are the top 5 tips for Clat preparation in one month

  • Be realistic about the expectations. Over-expectation may kill your enthusiasm for practice and put some extra stress on your shoulders.
  • Do not overthink the consequences. There is a tendency among aspirants to muse about what will happen if they do not get through. It is always best to have a positive approach and keep working hard.
  • Do not drift away from the schedule. Since it is just 30 days you have got, you cannot afford to betray your schedule. At the same time, do not fix a rigid timetable for yourself. Keep some free time for entertainment. This shall help reduce anxiety and focus better on your studies.
  • CLAT exam will test your aptitude, so bid farewell to rote learning techniques. Memorizing concepts will not help to clear CLAT. Instead, focus on building practical concepts and solving past year’s papers.
  • Stay updated with the information. Every year, many students miss out on essential updates on the exam. So, make sure to stay away from this fatal practice.

If you are still stressed about  How to prepare for the CLAT exam, you must join a reputed CLAT study coaching. Such an institute will give you access to the previous year’s papers and allow you to attempt mock tests frequently. An intelligent and intelligent study strategy can help you clear the CLAT exam in one month.

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