How To Prepare For LSAT Exam 2024? Full Strategy

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) administers the LSAT India exam every year. Candidates who are preparing to appear in the LSAT India exam 2024 should lay out a plan for success. They must possess the three major skills to crack the LAST exam, i.e., – Reading, analytical, and logical reasoning skills. 

All the students who appear for this competitive exam have the same concern – ‘How to prepare for the LSAT 2024?’ If you too are one of them, you must know that the LSAT India exam is comparable to the Common Law Admission Test and one can study for both tests simultaneously. To help you more with the same, here is an article highlighting everything about the LSAT, including useful LSAT preparation tips. So, don’t miss reading it!

What Is the LSAT Exam?

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a global centralised exam. Students who want to attend law school in the United States, Canada, or any country must clear the LSAT. Well, this can only be possible when students do the best LSAT exam preparation. The score for the LSAT, together with your GPA, will determine the best law schools where you can get admission. 

Previously, the LSAT was conducted four times a year, but the council has recently begun administering the LSAT six times per year. 

LSAT India 2024 Syllabus

Candidates appearing for the LSAT-India 2024 exam should be well-versed in the syllabus and exam format. Afterwards, proceeding with ‘How to prepare for LSAT exam 2024?’ will work. 

SectionsNumber of QuestionsTime allotted
Analytical Reasoning2335 Minutes
Logical Reasoning (1)2235 Minutes
Logical Reasoning (2)2335 Minutes
Reading Comprehension2435 Minutes
Total92 approx2 Hours 20 Minutes

LSAT Exam Pattern 2024

The following is a defined pattern for LSAT India 2024 that every student must know before searching – ‘How to prepare for LSAT India?’

Exam ParticularsDescription
Exam ModeOnline
Exam Duration2 hours 20 minutes
Total Questions92
No. Of SectionsAnalytical ReasoningLogical Reasoning (1)Logical Reasoning (2)Reading Comprehension
Time to Attempt Each Section35 Minutes Each
Exam Question FormatMultiple Choice Questions
Negative MarkingNo

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Section-wise LSAT Exam Preparation Tips 

As the LSAT India exam is divided into four different sections, students should do LSAT exam preparation in chunks. The following are the section-wise preparation tips that, if followed properly, can help you crack the LSAT with flying colours. 

LSAT Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning will be separated into two sections, i.e., logical reasoning 1 and 2. This section will contain approximately 45 questions.

  • Understand the meaning of the paragraph and the question.
  • The passage may appear unsuitable at times. But, you must mark your responses based on the facts & situations provided in the section.
  • This segment will take a lot of practice. So, focus on understanding the main concept of this section and develop a unique strategy to complete these questions with accuracy.
  • The questions will not be that tricky, so simply respond within the limitations provided.

LSAT Exam Preparation Tips for Analytical Reasoning

There will be 23 questions in analytical Reasoning which will be around 35 minutes each.

  • Candidates must complete one question before going on to the next because rereading will waste time.
  • Never assume that if a question looks lengthy, it is complex. Some questions seem to be tough, but actually, they aren’t.
  • To determine the character of the analytical thinking passage, careful reading and analysis are required.
  • Each contestant approaches the question paper uniquely. Some people prefer to start with the easiest questions about a passage and work their way up to the more difficult ones.
  • Stick to the facts in the passage and avoid making unneeded assumptions.

LSAT India Preparation Tips for Reading Comprehension

This segment contains 24 questions that need to be answered in 35 minutes. There is no negative marking. Applicants should enhance their reading comprehension by using the following suggestions:

  • Students can improve their reading speed by reading books, articles, and blogs.
  • Invest time in studying proper phrase usage.
  • Increase the vocabulary by playing word games, watching movies, and listening to Podcasts.
  • Keep a stopwatch of 35 minutes. Try to complete the mock within that time limit.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent answering passage-based questions. Answer as many reading comprehension questions as you can.
  • Read all of the possibilities before deciding on the best one. The best answer option is the one that most precisely answers the question.

Closing Thoughts

This is it! So, these are some of the major tips for ‘How to prepare for LSAT India?’ Now that you are well-versed with the tips, it is high time to get started with the LSAT exam preparation. With these expert tips in hand, you will definitely crack the exam with flying colours. Also, if you are planning to give an exam next year or anything, taking a course would be advisable. 

You can look for a reliable institute with experienced professionals to guide you from scratch. The time invested today in LSAT preparation tips will benefit you in the future. So, tighten your belt and get back to work.

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