Self Study Guide for CLAT 2022

If you want to pursue a career in law, you need to enrol yourself in a recognized law college. But before that, you have to clear the CLAT examination. Most private law colleges are also using the CLAT marks for admission. It is a competitive examination that requires intensive study. You can take the help of a self-study guide for CLAT 2022 to get through the entrance examination.  

CLAT Self-Study Guide 

In the present timeline, joining any offline coaching institute or taking online support to prepare for any examination is a trend. However, it does not ensure that you will clear the entrance examination. It is because, ultimately, it depends on how you can take a grip of the subject. You can even crack the entrance examination with self-study. However, you need to follow specific guidelines on preparing yourself for self-study for CLAT 2022.

  • Start Preparing Early

We all have the aptitude and talent to sit and clear any examination, and it just requires a bit of concentration and time management. The only thin line separating the toppers from the others is that they start to prepare for the examination early. It will give you ample time to finish the syllabus before time and help you concentrate on the key areas. You will also get time to solve previous years’ question papers and take mock tests. It will help boost your confidence, which will play a key role in cracking the examination. Hence with the help of CLAT self-study, you will be able to cover all the topics for the test at an early stage. It will also give you time to revise before sitting for the final examination.

  • Prepare a Study Plan

Before preparing for your CLAT examination, you should make a proper study plan. It will help you to finish the CLAT syllabus on time. You can do so by allotting specific times for each topic. If you have a good and organized CLAT preparation strategy, you will be able to concentrate on the problematic issues. However, preparing a time plan for your study in pen and paper will not help. You need to follow it religiously till your examination is over. It would be best to keep in mind that it must be rigid when making a study plan. There cannot be any distraction during those study hours unless in an emergency. It will not only help you to prepare for your examination but will also make you disciplined.

  • Follow the exam pattern and syllabus.

Before engaging yourself in preparation for the CLAT examination, you must follow the latest syllabus. It will be helpful as you do not have to waste time learning something useless. Another excellent method of studying for the CLAT examination is following the exam pattern. You can do so by solving previous years’ question papers. It will help you prepare for the final exam so that you do not feel jinxed on D-Day.

  • Revision is a must

One of the prime reasons students clear any competitive examinations is that they indulge in the regular revision of the topics. However, it is only possible if you can complete the syllabus on time. There is a double advantage of finishing your syllabus early; you will be able to clear any doubts, and secondly, with the help of revision, the subject matter will stay in your memory for a longer time. Hence, when you finally sit for the examination, you will be able to solve the questions with ease.

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Online preparation for CLAT

There are many ways to start preparing for your CLAT examination. Self-study is the best option; some students do not have the confidence to study independently. During such instances, they can get guidance from CLAT online coaching. The enhancement of digital technology has been a boon to the students as they can enrol themselves for CLAT online coaching. Various reputed online institutes will guide you in online preparation for CLAT. You will get all the necessary notes to help you understand any topic easily. Following are some benefits of CLAT preparation online:

  • Experienced faculties

With the pandemic still hovering around the corner, online tuitions are the best option in the present timeline. Moreover, you will not find good coaching centres in remote places. Hence, the best option is to join reputed online coaching. One of the most significant advantages of CLAT preparation online is that you will be able to connect with some of the best and most experienced faculties who will guide you for the examination. They will be able to share helpful tips that will surely boost your confidence. 

  • Help to clear your doubts

Many topics can be confusing and difficult to understand. However, with the help of online coaching centres, you will get immense support from the teachers. They will help you to clear any doubts on the subject matter. Moreover, you can access the classes from anywhere and enjoy the benefits.

  • Mock tests

Most of the online coaching centres conduct CLAT mock tests at par with the examination pattern of CLAT. It is one of the tremendous benefits as it will help you get a clear idea of the type and pattern of questions you will face on the final day of your examination. It will also boost your confidence before the study as you will get to know about your preparation for the entrance examination. The online coaching centres conduct several mock tests before the final entrance examination. It also prepares the students on how to write the answers so that they can crack the examination.


So, prepare yourself for the CLAT examination in any way at your convenience. However, you should join the CLAT online coaching centres, and it will improve your percentage of cracking the entrance examination in the first instance. Therefore, if you want to pursue a fruitful career as a lawyer, sit for the CLAT examination right after clearing your 10 + 2 board examination.

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