9 Must Watch Web Series for Law Aspirants and Students

If you are preparing for CLAT or other law exams, it is vital to learn multiple aspects of the field of law. For this, you might have chosen the best online CLAT coaching, books, and other study material. But, did you know that there are a number of other ways for you to pave the way for a successful CLAT strategy apart from books and mock tests?

Today, several excellent web series and shows related to law are available on the internet that you can watch right from your smartphone, laptop, or television. These online shows will help you learn a lot of new things about the law that will help you in the profession. 

You can take some time off your daily study routine and watch these entertaining yet inspiring shows. You don’t have to watch all the shows. We have created a list of the best web series for law aspirants. 

Netflix Web Series for Law Students 

1. Suits

Suits web series is about a college dropout guy named Mike Ross. Despite not having a law degree, he gets to work with one of the best lawyers in New York because of his photographic memory, smart analytical and clear thinking. 

The lawyer named Harvey Specter and Mike solve several cases together while keeping it a secret that Mike is not a graduated lawyer. Harvey’s so-called friend Louis Litt tries to make things difficult for them, as the story goes through several twists, turns, and legal things. You will surely learn things that can’t be included in CLAT study material

2. Unbelievable

Unbelievable web series is about the serial rape cases that happened in Washington and Colorado from 2008 to 2011. Based on an award-winning article titled ‘An Unbelievable Story of Rape’, this web series shows the story of a teenager who faces charges of filing a false rape case. Two detectives join forces to reveal the truth. 

3. Better Call Saul

This is a crime drama web series about a lawyer named Jimmy McGill who is currently living as Saul Goodman. You can’t call him by his original name Jimmy. The story of Better Call Saul shows the transformation of a morally challenged lawyer Saul from Jimmy. If you are indulged in the CLAT preparation, this is a must-watch show for you. 

4. How to Get Away with Murder

As the title suggests, How to Get Away with Murder is the story of some law students trying to utilize their law learnings to create ways to cover a murder. It is one of the best legal web series on Netflix that every law aspirant must watch.

Amazon Prime Web Series for Law Aspirants

5. The Good Wife

The Good Wife web series is about a lady named Alicia Florrick. She is pursuing a career in law, but a scandal involving her husband keeps her on the back foot. It was a sexual and political scandal that impacted the career of a wife too. However, Alicia copes with everything and makes a comeback as a litigator. 

6. The Practice

The Practice is by far the most valuable web series for law aspirants. Along with taking CLAT online coaching, you must watch The Practice series because it shows multiple perspectives that a lawyer or law firm can take based on the cases. 

You will learn several things from this show that will make you think more and find more ways of approaching a case. 

7. Law & Order

Law & Order is another popular law-based web series on Amazon Prime that shows how to look at laws from different perspectives and points of view. Law aspirants will find new things required to learn in the field of legalities and develop a steely mindset necessary for success. 

Hotstar Web Series for Law Aspirants

8. American Crime Story

American Crime Story web series revolves around several historic and high profile criminal cases. The series shows everything with proper evidence, records, as well as detailed background. 

Hotstar has two seasons of this web series for law students, showing two different stories about real-life incidents. One story is about OJ Simpson, who is accused of murdering his ex-wife. The second story is about a serial killer named Andy Cunanan. This web series has the kind of content you would want in CLAT preparation books

9. Boston Legal- Hotstar

The last in the list of best web series for law aspirants is the Boston Legal on Hotstar. It is a comedy-based legal drama that will not only help you learn legal things but also make you laugh. The story is about an ethically challenged lawyer named Alan Shore, who works for a law firm in Boston. 

Wrapping Up:

Whether you love watching web series and movies or not, if you are preparing for a law exam, then you must not skip these law-based web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. These TV shows definitely have valuable content that will help you learn new things, think more and widely, and improve your analytical skills.

Have you watched any web series from these? Let us know your review in the comments. 

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