How to Read Newspaper for CLAT and Make Notes Strategically?

Preparing for CLAT is one of the most challenging tasks for some students. They struggle to find reliable sources while completely ignoring newspapers. This is mostly because reading newspaper needs habit and practice, while reading current affairs from other sources is like a shortcut, which comes at the cost of irrelevant and incomplete information.

We suggest CLAT aspirants stick to reading newspaper regularly to prepare for current affairs and other subjects, rather than relying on unreliable resources. 

In this article, we will not only discuss the right way to read newspaper daily but also how to make notes from the newspaper for CLAT.

But first, we will discuss important newspapers and sections from the CLAT perspective. Have a look:

Best Newspaper for CLAT Preparation

Although every newspaper will somehow help improve current affairs, there are a few highly-recommended ones for CLAT aspirants.

  • If you are already reading The Indian Express, continue with it. You can add The Hindu as well.
  • If you are from English medium, start with the Indian Express and then switch to The Hindu.
  • If you are from Hindi medium, start with the Times of India. Next, turn to the Indian Express, and eventually switch to The Hindu.

These two cover all related current affairs pretty well, and you won’t need other resources to stay updated with news. Moreover, they help you hone the following areas:

  • English and Vocabulary
  • Current Affairs
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Legal Reasoning

Make sure to read newspaper daily without a miss. By incorporating this habit into your daily routine, you will be on your way to developing a better understanding of current affairs. 

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What to Read in Newspaper and What to Avoid?

Let’s take a look at the sections you should focus on to prepare for CLAT:

  • Front Page
  • Editorials
  • State News related to important government schemes and events
  • Opinions
  • World News
  • National News Page
  • Business News

What you can skip:

  • Advertisements
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports (prefer a monthly compilation of the important events and tournaments)
  • Interviews 
  • City News

Best Way To Read Newspaper For CLAT Exam and Make Notes

Now, let’s understand how to read a newspaper and make notes while preparing for CLAT:

1. Research from Previous Year Questions

Before picking up any newspaper, it is very important to know what you have to read and what you can skip. It is important to understand what type of news is important from the CLAT point of view. 

Hence, you should go through previous years’ CLAT exam papers and observe the GK questions that are asked, giving you a better perspective of important news.

2. Choose The Right Newspaper

You can’t read all the newspapers available in India, so pick one and read it daily to get all the latest news. 

If you are a beginner who has never read a newspaper from the exam point of view, you can start with the Indian Express (for English medium students) and Times of India (for Hindi medium students). 

If you are already reading The Indian Express, stick to it. Times of India or Hindustan Times are good too. But for CLAT, The Hindu and The Indian Express are the best as they are more extensive and loaded with relevant information. 

You can subscribe to Law Prep Tutorial’s YouTube channel to learn how to read The Hindu for CLAT. You can watch videos where our expert analyses The Hindu daily and shares insights to make notes. 

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3. Set a Time to Read

Set out a time in your daily routine for reading newspaper and articles. Read it when you feel fresh. 

This will help you understand and memorise better and make proper notes for CLAT. We recommend you read them early in the morning while having breakfast or travelling to school or college. 

You should set apart 1-2 hours every day dedicated to reading the newspaper.

4. Make Notes Strategically

When you write important facts related to the news in your own language, your brain memorises them better. 

You should also make notes on the research you have conducted related to each topic. It is important, especially for a CLAT student, to know the details regarding current affairs. A smart way to make and manage notes is by dividing your notes into various sections, such as national, international, law, etc.

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Importance of Newspaper Reading for CLAT Students

Reading newspaper comes with its set of benefits. It not only keeps your knowledge updated but makes you aware of what’s happening in the world. 

You start understanding things better and get a complete perspective of any latest news or event. With extensive knowledge, you can answer any question in the exam easily and confidently.

  • As a law student, you will have to read through many comprehensive course materials and CLAT preparation books. Reading newspaper daily develops a habit of reading, as well as improves your reading speed, comprehension skills, and concentration power.
  • Reading newspapers also builds your vocabulary, which is crucial for a law student. A good vocabulary is always beneficial and comes in handy when solving any section of the CLAT paper.

Final Thoughts

While CLAT study material, PDFs, and videos support your CLAT preparation strategy; you simply can’t ignore the benefits of reading newspaper for CLAT. 

Although, there is no shortcut to this, but you can read smarter and prepare faster with the right guidance and consistency. Never miss your daily dose of current affairs and news. If you do, make sure to read the news the next day. Rest assured that this simple habit can give brilliant results in your CLAT exam. Also, go for the best online coaching for CLAT to get on the path to cracking the exam and living your dream of graduating from top NLU in India.

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