Logical Reasoning Questions For CLAT 2025 (Based On Previous Years’ Papers)

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) exam is just around the corner. As applicants plan to show up for the exam, they should know the significant sections of CLAT 2024 where they can score well. CLAT logical reasoning is one of the significant sections to plan for the CLAT 2024 exam. 

It has a 20% weightage in CLAT question papers and is a means to test applicants’ cognizance and thinking abilities. The CLAT Logical Reasoning is one segment where aspirants can’t risk losing marks due to lack of practice. The segment tests the logical abilities of competitors as opposed to hypothetical information. 

The logical reasoning questions for CLAT can only be aced by intensive practice and comprehension. This Law Prep blog will help you prepare for the logical reasoning sections with some Logical Reasoning Practice Questions for CLAT based on previous year’s question papers.

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CLAT Logical Reasoning- Syllabus and Pattern

The CLAT question paper will include around 28-32 Logical Reasoning questions in the exam. The questions will be based on short reading passages of 300 words. Aspirants need to peruse the given passages and answer the multiple-choice questions (MCQs). 

Here is the important CLAT logical reasoning syllabus and pattern;

  • Type of questions- Passage-based MCQs
  • Total questions- 28-32
  • Total marks- 28-32
  • Number of reading passages- 4-6 comprehension passages of 300 words each
  • Negative marking- -0.25 for a wrong answer
  • Approximate weightage in CLAT exam- 20%

To attempt the logical reasoning questions for CLAT 2024, candidates first need to perceive and distinguish the argument given in the passage.

From that point, applicants need to fundamentally break down the pattern of reasoning and evaluate how answers might rely upon the given premises.

Candidates need to assume what the passage intends to signify, make assumptions, and apply them to various circumstances. Applicants likewise need to draw connections and relationships, distinguish inconsistencies and survey the adequacy of arguments.

CLAT Logical Reasoning- Important Topics

Here are some important topics that are majorly included in the CLAT questions of logical reasoning sections;

ArrangementsBlood Relations
Syllogisms Statements and Assumptions
Number SeriesSeating Arrangement/Puzzle Test
Logical SequencesAssertions and Reasoning
Arguments & ConclusionsCircular Arrangements
Direct senseClocks and calendars

CLAT Logical Reasoning Practice Questions

To help you with solving the questions from the logical reasoning of CLAT exam, here are some logical reasoning questions with solutions:

Q1.) Read the accompanying passage carefully and pick the most appropriate option.

A joint family consists of six members- A, B, C, D, E, and F. B is the child of C. A and C are a couple. C isn’t the mother of B. E is the sibling of C. D is the daughter of A, and F is the sibling of B.

Who is the mother of B?

  1. A
  2. F
  3. E
  4. D

Which of the following is a pair of females in the family?

  1. AD
  2. AE
  3. BD
  4. DF

Solution– A is the mother of B and AD is the pair of females in the family.

Q2.) Read the accompanying passage carefully and pick the most appropriate option.

A and B are great at driving cars and buses. C and A are decent at driving cars and bikes. C, D, and E are great at driving bikes and farm trucks. E and C are great at driving bikes and auto-rickshaws. D and B are great at driving farm trucks and buses.

Who is good at driving a farm truck, bike, car, and auto-rickshaw but not a bus?

  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B

Solution– By analyzing the given information, it can be seen that C is good at driving a farm truck, car, bike, and auto-rickshaw but not a bus. Thus, the correct answer is option b (C).

Who is good at driving a bike, farm truck, and bus?

  1. C
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D

Solution– From the given passage, it is clear that D is good at driving a bike, farm truck, and bus. Hence, Option d (D) is the correct answer.

Q3.) Choose the most relatable word/letters/number from the given options.

Chiku – Fruit – Supermarket — Novel – ? – ?

  1. Book – Stationery
  2. Book – Bookstore
  3. Book – Shop
  4. Shop – Market

Solution– The second is a class of the first and is available at the third. Thus, the correct option is B- Book – Bookstore.

Q4.) The following series has a term missing. Select the correct option from the given terms.


  1. PQR
  2. PRS
  3. PSR
  4. SPR

Solution– The correct option is C- PSR.


The logical reasoning section plays a significant part in the exam and affects your overall score. Aspirants preparing for the exam must also focus on practising logical reasoning questions for CLAT. This section can bring you a great score in the final results if attempted well.

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