Rajasthan Judiciary (RJS) Cut-off- Latest & Past Years

Rajasthan Judiciary (RJS) Cut-off

This is your complete guide to the RJS exam cut-off marks. Understanding the cut-off marks is crucial for every Rajasthan judiciary aspirant, as it plays a crucial role in determining whether candidates progress to the next stage of the selection process. 

Hence, we will talk about what RJS cut-off marks mean, their significance, and the various factors that influence them. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into the trends of previous years and what to expect for the current year. 

About Rajasthan Judiciary (RJS) Exam

The Rajasthan judiciary exam is a state-level competitive examination conducted in India, specifically for the state of Rajasthan. It is organized by the Rajasthan High Court to recruit qualified candidates for judicial positions, such as Civil Judges and Judicial Magistrates, within the state’s judicial system. This exam is an essential pathway for law graduates who aspire to enter the judiciary.

The RJS Exam is structured in three phases: 

  • Preliminary Exam, which is objective in nature; 
  • Mains Exam, comprising detailed descriptive questions; 
  • Interview or Viva-Voce, which assesses a candidate’s overall suitability for a judicial role. 

The RJS syllabus includes various aspects of law and legal procedures, testing candidates on both their theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of the legal system.

What is RJS Cut-off?

Cut-off marks in the Rajasthan judiciary exam are the minimum scores that candidates must achieve to qualify for the next stage of the selection process or to be considered for final selection. These marks act as a benchmark that segregates candidates based on their performance.

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Importance of Cut-off in Rajasthan Judiciary Exam

  • Filtering Candidates: With a large number of aspirants appearing for the exam, cut-off marks help narrow down the pool of candidates. They ensure that only those who have achieved a certain level of proficiency in the exam proceed further.
  • Maintaining Standards: The RJS cut-off marks are a way to maintain the standard and quality of the judiciary. By setting a high benchmark, the exam ensures that only competent and deserving candidates make it through.
  • Stage-Wise Elimination: In the RJS Exam, there are different stages (Preliminary, Mains, Interview). The cut-off marks for each stage work as a threshold that candidates must cross to move to the next level.
  • Performance Indicator: The Rajasthan judiciary cut-off marks also indicate the overall difficulty level of the exam in a particular year, as well as the general performance level of the candidates.
  • Fairness and Objectivity: By setting a clear cut-off mark, the selection process becomes more transparent and objective, reducing the possibility of bias and ensuring fairness.
  • Goal Setting for Aspirants: For candidates, understanding the cut-off trends helps in setting realistic preparation goals and benchmarks for their own performance in the exam.

Factors Affecting RJS Cut-off Marks

Several factors influence the cut-off marks for the Rajasthan Judicial Services (RJS) Exam. Understanding these factors provides insights into the exam’s competitive nature and the variability of the cut-off scores each year:

  • Difficulty Level of the Exam: The primary factor affecting the RJS cut-off is the difficulty level of the exam. If the RJS exam paper is particularly tough, the cut-off marks might be lower, and conversely, if the paper is easier, the cut-off could be higher.
  • Number of Vacancies: The total number of vacancies available plays a significant role. More vacancies mostly lead to a lower cut-off, as a larger number of candidates need to be selected for the next stages.
  • Number of Candidates Appearing: If more candidates appear for the exam, the competition increases, which can lead to a higher cut-off. Conversely, fewer candidates might result in a lower cut-off.
  • Performance of Candidates: The overall performance and scoring trends of the candidates in that particular year significantly impact the cut-off. A higher average performance raises the cut-off mark.
  • Reservation Policies: The RJS cut-off marks vary for different categories (General, SC, ST, OBC, etc.) due to reservation policies. The number of candidates and their performance within each category can influence the category-specific cut-offs.
  • Changes in Exam Pattern or Syllabus: Any modifications in the RJS exam pattern or RJS syllabus can affect candidate performance, thereby impacting the cut-off marks.
  • Previous Year Trends: While each year is unique, the trends in the cut-off marks of the RJS exam from previous years provide a baseline for what can be expected.

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Previous Year Rajasthan Judiciary Cut-off

Aspirants can check the Rajasthan Judiciary Services previous year cut off from the following tables:

For 2021
CategoryPrelims Cut offMains Cut offFinal Cut off
General (Divorcee)58125159
General (Widow)45125164.5
SC (Divorcee)39122
OBC-NCL (Divorcee)6390
OBC-NCL (Widow)4690

For 2019
CategoryPrelims Cut offMains Cut offFinal Cut off
General (Widow)45123.25
General (Divorcee)43121.5140.5
SC42All, those who have qualified124 
ST41All, those who have qualified120
OBC-NCL54All, those who have qualified136.5
OBC-NCL (Divorcee)45All, those who have qualified
MBC-NCL45All, those who have qualified

Note: For SC(PH) candidates, the final cut off marks were 121.

For 2017
CategoryPrelims Cut offMains Cut offFinal Cut off

Note: For PH candidates, the final cut-off marks were 161.50

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Steps to Check Rajasthan Judiciary Cut-off

Follow the steps given below to check the RJS cut-off marks:

  • Visit the official website: hcraj.nic.in
  • Select the recruitment option from the homepage. 
  • Click on the Rajasthan High Court Civil Judge Result tab option to find more details on the cut-off marks.

Calculation of Cut-off of Rajasthan Judiciary

  • You can calculate the scores obtained in the RJS exam with the help of the Rajasthan judiciary answer key. The authority provides the answer key for the candidates’ references. While calculating the score, refer to the final answer key to ensure that all answers are correct and verified by the authority.
  • Compare the answers to the ones in the answer key and score yourself as per the marking scheme of the exam described here:
  1. Give 1 mark for a correct answer
  2. There’s no negative marking for incorrect answers
  • Once you have matched all the answers, total your marks accordingly. You will obtain a pretty accurate estimate of your Rajasthan High Court District Judge result.


Understanding the Rajasthan Judiciary cut-off is crucial for aspirants to crack this competitive examination. Cut-off scores are vital in determining a candidate’s eligibility for the next exam round. They act as a filter, separating the best candidates from the rest. The cut-off score is generally determined based on the total number of candidates appearing for the examination, the exam’s difficulty level, and the seats available. Achieving a score above the cut-off marks is essential to be considered for the next exam level.

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