Strategy to Prepare for CLAT for Droppers

Due to the difficulty level of the exam and tough competition, only a few get a chance to secure their seat in the top NLUs in India. The remaining candidates either choose another option or drop a year to prepare again and appear in the next exam. Strategy to Prepare for CLAT for Droppers. In fact, a major percentage of students studying in the top 5 law schools in India are droppers. In this article, we’ll be sharing some important tips for the droppers – 

Stick to Important Things 

Until and unless the CLAT syllabus has changed, the dropouts are fully aware of the syllabus. Hence it is not required to start the entire syllabus from scratch. Stick to the topics that you think are important from the exam point of view or one that you left unprepared. Analyze the previous year’s paper and mark the questions that you could not attempt due to any reason, and find the reason for not attempting them. 

Solving Previous Years’ Paper 

Solve previous years’ papers of CLAT as much as possible. You’ll get a clear idea about the type of questions asked, the format of the paper and the topics you need to cover. Practice the questions that are asked repeatedly every year. This will help you with the topics you need to put more focus on and get a good command on. It will save your precious time to be wasted on unimportant questions. 

Time Management 

Competitive exams are tough because it is about answering the correct question within the allotted time frame. You need to be quick and smart to answer the questions within the time frame. And, to achieve accuracy and speed, you need to practice a lot.

The more questions you’ll practice, the more your efficiency will increase, and you’ll gain confidence to solve any type of question. How exactly will you increase your speed? By taking daily mock tests and analyzing where you are losing time and finding what works best for you.

You can test your preparation by taking our CLAT Mock Test Series.

Work With A Plan

If you’re a dropper, you know that it is not just the knowledge that is tested in the CLAT exam; it tests your intellect. If you’re a dropper, you have plenty of time to practice mock tests because your basics are clear. So try to attempt one mock test daily and slowly increase it to two mock tests. After taking the test it is important to analyze your test and evaluate your performance regularly.

While practising, you can also explore your choices. Try attempting different sections first, and know your strong area to start in the exam. After practising a lot of tests, you will have an idea about which section to attempt first and how much time to allot to each section. Once you build this master plan before the exam, nobody can stop you from cracking it.

A dropper can devote more time to CLAT preparation as compared to the school students. This can be your plus point and a motivation factor to crack the exam this year. If you get frustrated thinking about your year dropped, just think, “You Can And You Will”. If this method does not work, talk to your mentors and your friends, and keep yourself motivated. Make your own strategy and work on it rather than seeing other students. Always make sure to satisfy yourself with the preparation you do.

Some tips for the droppers –

  1. You may sometimes feel that your class-fellows are joining the best colleges and having all the fun. But joining a college of your choice is better to keep away from future regrets. 
  2. Never think that you’re wasting your time. Take it as an opportunity to crack your dream law school. 
  3. Don’t self-doubt. Mock test marks are not your original CLAT score. They are just the parameters to guide you in your journey. Scores will keep changing if you put more efforts in improving your weaknesses. 
  4. Let failure not bother you. Fearing results will lead to stress and stop you from giving your best. Understand that your hard work needs a little bit of intelligence to produce good results. 

All the Best!


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